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Power Outage

It appears that the supercommittee isn’t any more super than the weak-kneed Congress that created it in the first place. ¬†With the deadline fast approaching for the group of twelve to agree on how to cut/raise $1.2 trillion, the likelihood is they won’t agree on anything except a cowardly formula for kicking the can down the road, if they can even agree on that. If they come up empty, an equal likelihood, Congress is already starting to signal that it might find ways to spare the defense budget the automatic cuts that are supposed to take place without an agreement, and you can be sure the other cuts will also be on the block, meaning the whole thing was an exercise in futility, the one thing this Congress has excelled at. I find myself in the awkward position of praising Newt Gingrich, of all people, who’s the only one of the presidential candidates, Republican or Democratic, with the courage to ridicule both parties for the creation of this Frankenstein’s monster, and for their failure to do the jobs they were elected to perform. If he’s the lone voice of sanity, we are in deep, deep trouble.