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Okay, the internet is back up and the tv is working again. So far, so good, except now we can’t get get a signal from the Blu-ray player.

This is still an improvement over yesterday, when the internet was down, so Lisa couldn’t cancel the tickets she bought on Expedia within the 24-hour cancellation window. She bought them there because the Frontier Airlines website wasn’t working and there was an hour-and-half wait to talk to a ticket agent on the phone, which pretty much used up the battery life of the iPhone, which we had to use because the home phone, which is Comcast, wasn’t working.

The internet has been giving us fits because of some weird glitch that suddenly cropped up out of nowhere between the Airport Express and the Comcast router. Everything had been working fine until a few weeks ago, when it all went berserk. Comcast claimed it was because they’d upgraded their security and our 5-year-old tv wasn’t new enough to cope with the technology, so it wasn’t their fault.

None of which explained the internet working intermittently, or not at all. Our computers are both brand new. A call to Comcast solved nothing, but it did solve the problem of what to do for three hours on a Thursday night.

Then yesterday, everything went out. No phone, no tv, no iPad, no nothing. Fortunately, the iPhone was working and still getting internet through the T-Mobile system, so we could call and discover that there was a neighborhood outage. The Comcast folks came out and spent several hours working in the alley. They told us that squirrels had chewed through the cable. They did a great job replacing the cable and cleaning up the wiring at our house. Then the really nice service guy spent two hours reworking our system in the house, and everything, including the Blu-ray, worked great. what a relief!

Until ten minutes after he left, when the internet AND the Blu-ray went out again. The tv worked, though.

Another call to Comcast, and two hours later and another complete reworking of the entire system, the internet is back up and working fine, although we’re now using the Airport instead of the Comcast router for the internet signal. We deleted the Comcast network, because it was fighting with the Apple network.

But I still need to call Comcast for a fourth time, because the Blu-ray isn’t working. My iPad is getting internet, though, and so is the iPhone, so we’re 80% there.

I don’t know. Maybe we tied too much of our lives to electronic gadgetry, which rely on too many services that speak too many incompatible languages, none of which I speak a word of. Maybe in the pursuit of  total connectedness, we reached too high.

We, the unhappy citizens of Babel.