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$4 Gas

Several factors have contributed to the recent spike in gas prices. Primarily, Iran has responded to international sanctions by threatening to cut off oil shipments to European countries. Additionally, a number of aging refineries have been taken offline by American oil companies (just a coincidence that this is happening in an election year, right?), reducing the supply of gaasoline. Once more, American consumers are being held hostage to events in the Mideast and by the decisions of oil companies. We’ve seen this before. America fails to develop alternative energy sources, refuses to make the commitment to modern mass transit, and delays demanding greater efficiency from the auto manufacturers. Then gas prices rise because of events across the world, (or because oil companies manipulate the supply) and the cry is raised once again for greater domestic drilling. The truth is, more drilling will not reduce the price of oil, now or later. America’s domestic reserves aren’t enough to substantially increase the world supply. Aside from that, oil goes where the money is. Increasing domestic production does not mean that it stays here; it will go where the world market dictates. This, of course, does not prevent Obama’s opponents from blaming him and his policies for the increase, nor will the facts cause them to refrain from demanding more drilling. Whether this will stick as an election-year issue remains to be seen.


Okay, this one may be a reach. I wanted somehow to relate two unrelated events with the idea that the eco-terror we inflict on ourselves is as dangerous (probably far more so, in fact) than anything terrorists can do to us. I’ve looked at this cartoon about a dozen times in the last 12 hours, and six times I’ve thought it was brilliant and the other six really dumb. What the heck. It’s already drawn. I might as well post it.