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Freshly Squeezed debuts today

My new comic strip, “Freshly Squeezed,” starts running in daily newspapers across the country today. Those of you who followed “Denver Square” in the Rocky Mountain News will recognize the characters (sort of; they’ve all been changed, some more than others, but the character mix is the same, as is the house they live in. “Freshly Squeezed,” unlike the feature that I drew for the Rocky, is not political; it’s a humor strip about a three-generation family thrown together by economic necessity. I think you’ll enjoy it. If your local paper doesn’t run it–and most don’t, at least not yet–you’ll be able to read it at the United Feature Syndicate cartoon site, Comics.comĀ If you’d like to see it in your local paper (especially the Denver Post), give them a call and tell them you’d like them to run it. Ask who’s in charge of comics–usually the managing editor or the features editor–and speak to that person directly.Click here to see today’s strip. And let me know what you think of my new enterprise.