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Today’s Freshly Squeezed

Okay, so my editorializing occasionally creeps into my comic strip. So sue me. This week’s series is in part a recollection of how much the news affected my kids when they were young. Probably because I worked for a newspaper, they were exposed to more hard news at a young age than most, and it sometimes deeply affected them. Not having the seasoned perspective of an adult, stories about war, suicide bombings, school shootings and human-caused disasters (and I include climate change) terrified them. In other words, they were a whole lot more sane than the grownups.

Read the entire series and have the strip emailed to you daily at GoComics.com/freshly squeezed.

I love doing after-Christmas cartoons. The holiday is gone, the new year is on the horizon, and the post-Christmas reality is setting in. Liz finds herself getting depressed as life ¬†returns to normal, but Sam has a ready antidote to the end-of-year blues. If I were prone to deep self-examination, I’d find this gag uncomfortably auto-biographical, but then I’m a guy, so let’s just say it really is art imitating life. To read the whole series, click here.

Speaking of art, I’ve praised my son Gabe for his help in re-establishing my web presence, but I’ve neglected mentioning my daughter Natasha, who takes my pencil sketches, inks and finishes them, ads the type, does the Sunday color, in a style so close to my own I can’t tell the difference. This strip is truly a family affair.

This is actually a redrawn version of a Christmas day cartoon I drew for the old Denver Square comic that ran in the Rocky Mountain News.

I’m Jewish and don’t celebrate Christmas, but I’ve always loved the quiet feeling of Christmas day (not to mention the amazing Christmas lights which are making cold nights here in Denver much more pleasant).

I think the recession must be over, because the lighting displays are the biggest and brightest they’ve been in years.¬†

Merry Christmas, everyone.