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Back to the real story of this election, which is the $4 BILLION spent–as much as (and possibly more than, when it’s all counted) the last presidential election. ¬†Most of the money, thanks to the Supreme Court’s outrageous Citizens United decision and the inability of Congress to pass the Disclose Act, is secret. We simply have no idea who is behind the spate of ugly attack ads that dominated the election, but we can certainly guess. Let’s just say that that money isn’t being spent on good governance. It’s going to defeat candidates who might want to regulate those businesses. Like Wall Street banks, which would just as soon not have new financial regulations depress their ability to make gobs of money, no matter how much damage they do to the economy. Or oil conglomerates which would just as soon not have government tell them not to cut corners when building offshore ¬†platforms. Or the Chamber of Commerce, which would just love to have the Bush tax cuts for the very wealthy made permanent. They’ve successfully stoked public anger to the point that people are quite willing, even eager, to vote against their own interests on behalf of these anonymous players in this election. We’ll see where this anti-government uprising leads.Ii, for one, don’t think it’s going to make us happy.