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RIP Newsweek

Tina Brown has announced that venerable but long-troubled Newsweek will cease publishing its print edition next year, going all-digital instead. After which it will quietly fade away, unless it has a business model nobody else in publishing has thought of yet. The digital destruction of print media continues, with nothing credible out there to replace the hard news coverage and investigative reporting essential to a democracy. There’s a direct correlation between the demise of print and the decline of our politics to its current level of dysfunction. Newsweek hasn’t been a player for some time, but its loss is further evidence of this depressing trend.

Nation of Whiners

When did politics become one long offended whine? Poor little Mitt getting beat up on his taxes by the big mean Dems. Poor little Barack, inheriting a bad economy because of those nasty old Republicans. Poor little Paul Ryan, had to grow up without a daddy, so everyone else should have their benefits cut and be self-reliant like him. Poor little minority and elderly voters, having to produce picture IDs to vote. Hey, guys, this is politics, remember? A full-contact sport. Hardball. Get over it. Are the campaigns really going to spend a couple of billion dollars to tell me why I should elect the most victimized candidates?