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Sep 6

Vintage Clinton

Another high for the Dems, at least inside the convention hall. It was vintage Bill Clinton, speaking for 48 entertaining minutes instead of the scheduled 28, and nobody in the hall was ready for him to stop when he finally wound down. He made the best case yet for keeping Obama in office, blasting the Republicans’ radical notions of economic governance, somehow without demonizing the opposition in the process, a skill no Republican seems to possess. I hope people were watching. The only question remaining for tonight is whether Obama will be able to match Clinton’s performance.

If the Democrats could somehow channel that message and that tone in the coming weeks, Obama would be re-elected by a landslide. I expect, however, that every rational voice will be drowned out in a deluge of viciously negative advertising. 

Sep 5

The Dems

We found out some important stuff last night. Michelle Obama loves her husband. Just as much as Ann Romney loves hers. Maybe more, even.

What a different crowd from the immaculately tailored all-white GOP convention, which looked like a bridge party at a gated compound. Along with Whites, there were Black people, Hispanics, Asians, Native Americans—and they all seemed to get along. Viewers might be be wondering where they all were at the GOP confab. Republicans are wondering, why haven’t they been deported yet?