Elections Matter

I know far too many people who sit out elections, especially off-year contests, with the tired excuse that both parties are basically the same. They’re not. Two stories in today’s Denver Post illustrate exactly why elections matter.

Republicans won control of the state senate in November. On certain social issues, the knee-jerk GOP sensibility drives me nuts. Case in point: as soon as they took office, the Republican majority defunding the program that allows legal immigrants to secure drivers licenses.  There are so many reasons to make sure that people who are here in this country legally can drive–to work, to school, to the doctor, to shop–and no good reason not to. The alternative, which should be obvious to anyone who’s thought this thing through, is that we will now have many more people either driving without a license or being forced to make expensive and time-consuming compromises,  harming working men and women and their children who are here legally and who pay taxes, solely to satisfy the anti-immigrant passions of the Right.

Still before the senate is the bill, sponsored by both a Democrat and a Republican, to continue funding the Colorado Family Planning Initiative, which has been remarkably successful aa t reducing teen pregnancy and abortion in the state. But, despite the overwhelming success of the program, the reflexively anti-family planning crowd is likely to greet anything to do with women’s reproductive health with hostility. And then we’ll have many more teen pregnancies and abortions for them to rail against.

Next time, remember what you’re voting for.


One thought on “Elections Matter”

  1. I met your daughter yesterday — a lovely young woman volunteering in the municipal election where she now lives. You seem to have done a fine job of raising her. You should be very proud.

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