The Great Fire Wall

I gave up editorial cartooning for good last summer, after 34 years and more than 8,000 drawings. Not having a daily newspaper and a local audience after the Rocky folded had something to do with it, as did the increasingly nasty hyper-partisan tenor of politics. I wasn’t part of a conversation any more; I was just entertaining those who agreed with me and enraging those who didn’t. Throughout the presidential campaign, to my great relief, I never once had the itch to take out my pen. I was done.

Then, yesterday, while listening to an NPR story about internet censorship in China (it seems the government for some reason would rather its citizens not know about the obscene wealth accumulated by Party leaders. Apparently, In George Orwell’s famous phrase, some people in China are more equal than others), this idea popped into my head. Worse, I felt a need to draw it.

Let’s hope it’s a random one-time thing, a bad flashback, ¬†and not a genuine relapse. That would really ruin my retirement plans.

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