I love doing after-Christmas cartoons. The holiday is gone, the new year is on the horizon, and the post-Christmas reality is setting in. Liz finds herself getting depressed as life ┬áreturns to normal, but Sam has a ready antidote to the end-of-year blues. If I were prone to deep self-examination, I’d find this gag uncomfortably auto-biographical, but then I’m a guy, so let’s just say it really is art imitating life. To read the whole series, click here.

Speaking of art, I’ve praised my son Gabe for his help in re-establishing my web presence, but I’ve neglected mentioning my daughter Natasha, who takes my pencil sketches, inks and finishes them, ads the type, does the Sunday color, in a style so close to my own I can’t tell the difference. This strip is truly a family affair.

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