The Final Frontier


It’s sad to see the space shuttle Discovery being flown to the Smithsonian. Not that the shuttle hadn’t outlived its usefulness, but there’s no replacement for it, meaning that manned space exploration, at least by Americans, is over for now and likely for a long time to come. The space program, for me and millions of other space geeks who grew up when Americans were orbiting the earth, landing on the moon, and making regular jaunts into space, ¬†was the most exciting example of this nation’s ambition and confidence. Yes, it was fabulously expensive, and yes, NASA made some catastrophic errors, but we dared to spend and dared to send Americans into space despite the risks.. Nothing tells the tale of our declining ambitions and our increasing self-doubt as eloquently as the contraction of NASA’s mission.

7 thoughts on “The Final Frontier”

  1. All things have thier time and this one had a real long ride. The knowledge we got out of the program was wonderful the cost was unbelieveagle. The question we have to ask ourselves is “Are we better off today because of all that then we would have been, spending the money on other problems right here? ”
    Just asking?

    1. That depends on whether the money would have been spent wisely or would have been whizzed away which is the norm for this and the last administration.

  2. Amen Ed. Having to rely on the Russians to ferry our astronauts back and forth is unsettling. And what if there is an emergency on the space station? They say we are still on track for moon colonization and a visit to Mars but it doesn’t appear promising.

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