Flexible Agenda

I hate elections. Campaign rhetoric invariable distracts us from the real issues confronting the nation, and campaigns always seem to bring out the worst in candidates. Romney’s latest is laughable on so many levels, it’s almost impossible to parody, but I gave it a try. Based on an overheard conversation between Obama and Russian President Mevedev, in which Obama truthfully admitted that, given election year politics, he’d have more negotiating flexibility after the election. Romney took that relatively innocuous snippet and ran over the cliff with it, accusing the president of having a nefarious secret agenda. What’s funny is that Romney has changed his stance so many times on so many issues, depending on the audience, it’s impossible to know what his agenda might be, secret or otherwise. The only agenda we can be certain of is that he wants to be president.

13 thoughts on “Flexible Agenda”

      1. Fred and Don–Wwhy would you want or expect Ed to produce a ‘toon based on somefthying that isn’t true.

        Would either of you care to share with us an actual quote (or video) of our President and Commander in Chief, Barack Obama, actually saying such a thing?

        Note: I am not asking for a quote of what Rush or Sean or Ann or Bill or Mitch might have said he said (which is where I expect a couple of serial haters, fear mongerers and racists “got” their “facts”)–I am asking you to to produce a quote or video of what our President (himself) said that made such a claim to be higher than the Supreme Court.

        I am not, in the meantime, holding my breath waiting to see actual evidence of such a “true fact”.

        1. Since you are on a first name basis with most of the talk show hosts, you must watch or listen to them regularly. Such being the case, I am amazed you are so ignorant of facts.

          1. Nahh–I just wanted to remind you who you apparently listen to–before you try to tell everyone again that you are an “independent”–a “fair and balanced” one at that.

  1. “I’m confident that the Supreme Court will not take what would be an unprecedented, extraordinary step of overturning a law that was passed by a strong majority of a democratically elected Congress.”

    — Barack Obama, on the constitutional challenge to his health-care law, April 2

    This is one of his stupid statements that I could find that proves he is a master of telling untruths as he himself
    said in a debate with Hillory that this would be unconstitutional. Since he is a law prof. he also knows full well that the purpose of the Suprem Court is to correct and protect the letter of the constitution.

    1. Whatever else your hate-based comment is trying to say, it seems that your “quote” has nothing to say in it that reflects your assertion that uppity President as being “mightier” than the Supreme Court.

      Want to try again?

  2. waco, once agaain you do not make sense. He the Pres. touts himself as a constitutional expert yet then turns around and spouts the above garbage knowing full well that the job of the Supreme Court is to make sure that the President and Congress to not over step thier power granted to them by the Constitution. You should know that also or are you not there yet in your high school civis class?

    1. Fred–You are simply inserting your personal opinion (I am reluctant to say anything approaching “understanding”) about “the law” and the the “Constitution” into an “attack” on that uppity, elitist Obama.

      I simply asked you to provide and actual quote or a video where our President Obama states or portrays himself as “mightier” than the Supremer Court. You said he did it. If you can’t back it up, you must be a liar or a hate monger. It’s kinda simple, actually, in that regard.

      You haven’t done so (because–frankly–you can’t).

      But you can ,as usual, immediately engage in spouting bullying (and, simply, ignorant) words.

      Ms. DuPuy would be shocked to hear someone say that one of her Civics students didn’t learn anything in her Civics class.

      Of course, My Con law professor in law school would similarly be surprised. As would the Con law-section State Bar examiners in Texas, New York and DC (where I am licensed to practice).

      As would all my clients over the past 40 years of practice (mostly highly successful and profitable corporations, by the way–my area of practice is mostly international commercial trade and transaction law–everything from sales of engineered goods and systems, to licensing, to commercial (mostly manufacturing) joint ventures.)

      Fred, you would be kinda funny if you weren’t so consistently and pridefully mean, hateful and sack-of-rocks dumb and ignorant (pardon my redundancy as I describe a current US Republican–it’s unavoidable. I guess).

      Or, as we say in Texas, no-class.

      And, you might become kinda funny if you would take a break from your similarly hateful sack of rocks “friends” gathered around the end of that “bar” where you hang out.

  3. Waco,
    I Am Impressed ! I have not seen that much Bull stacked That HIGH in a long time.
    You are the by your own resume’ quite a pile of worthless paper shuffling, double talking, liar , just like our current President. No wonder you worship at his clay feet as you deep inside wonder why he not you got there. Let me give you a hint. He mastered talking out of both sides of his mouth at the same time. You just spout the same old hate filled crap over and over, which is surprising for a man trained in the law. But then you are a corporate lawyer, used to reading the fine print, finding the techinal error to screw some little old lady out of her just do by trickery. Investing in South American banna farms perhaps?
    It does not matter, Nothing snooter than a corporate leach in by 10 out by 2 with 2 hour lunches. Or did you just sleep from 10 to 12 then go drink the rest of the day? By the way you rant, your mind has been damaged. Or was this all a drug filled dream of yours. You be the judge. Oh thats right , you can not tell up from down right form wrong and left from right.
    Let me close by saying (as Bill used to say) I Feel Your Pain. ( I am now biting my lips )

  4. By the way , I am not going the next step and compare private parts. I know you boys in Texas like to do that king of thing but I am not from there .

    1. Hey Fred–tell us that “wise” and classy story again about someone pulling a handful of poop out of their pants.

      Amazing what you think you “know” about me–and the behaviors you attribute to me.

      I base my statements that you are an ignoramus and a no-class person on what you have literally “said” on these threads.

      Your rant reveals a lot of assumptions and presumptions and (insecurities) about things that “exist” (if they do) somewhere else, and about which you can’t possibly know.

      Also amazing (but not surprising) your fixation on body parts and bodily functions.

      In my experience, classless folk seem to fixate on those kinds of things. It shows up often in their “jokes” and conversations.

      I am just still waiting for you to supply the quote or video that demonstrates that your original lie about our President and Commander in Chief isn’t a lie.

      Should be a simple thing, really–unless, of course, you are simply a liar and a purveyor (mongerer) of hate and fear.

      But, again, I am not holding my breath while waiting. Sorry..

  5. “I’m confident that the Supreme Court will not take what would be an unprecedented, extraordinary step of overturning a law that was passed by a strong majority of a democratically elected Congress.”

    — Barack Obama, on the constitutional challenge to his health-care law, April 2
    Once again I have put above the quote I put here several days ago.
    Since you ignored this I figured either you really could not read or refused to understand what your Master was saying.
    Which was considered by the general press as an attack on the Supreme Court and that he was a dumb ass for doing so.
    There were several others but I have not had the time to look all of them up. What difference would it make to you? You would not believe it anyway. I do not believe that you are what you profess to be or were, because you are just a loud mouth that likes to see himself in type. You sir or Madam , profess to be so high and mighty but then you stup so low in name calling and gutter mouthings that I believe the truth to be That you are a imposter and a liar.
    If not than a disgrace to the court that you serve for stupping so low by name calling. Tsk Tsk , did baby miss his or her nap?

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