Dangerous Weapon


I’m a bit late with tis one, but the issues raised by the Trayvon Martin shooting aren’t going away any time soon. This country seems forever trapped in the surreal nexus of race, guns and fear that ended Martin’s life. At one point in the frenzied national discussion that followed, the part the hoodie worn by the young man played became a point of contention, temporarily overshadowing the conversation we should be having about our absurd gun laws. ¬†As if this nation’s ineffective patchwork quilt of laws, in which guns are allowed to be carried openly by virtually everywhere almost everywhere, weren’t insane enough, a number of states now allow gun-toting paranoids to shoot at will, so long as they claim they felt threatened. In Florida, seeing an unarmed black man wearing a hoodie evidently qualifies as fearing for one’s life. Let’s go all the way down that rabbit hole and just criminalize hoodies. But leave the guns alone.

2 thoughts on “Dangerous Weapon”

  1. Ed–geat ‘toon. Especially because it is about much more than a “gun control”‘ topic.

    In recent days–after fretting for some time about the US Republican- elected officials recent penchant for voting in lock step to “pledges” made to the dictates and definitions of unelected persons/entities (like Grover Norquist)– I have finally begun to recognize the true evil infecting the US Republican Party and its Party- elected officials (particularly at the “state office” level)–which is characterized by mass genuflection and lock step voting to unions of right wing single-issue causes, like the current ALEC.

    The anti-US representative democracy nature of unions (or maybe, conspiracies?) like ALEC has, I think, been masked by the breadth of ALEC’s corporate “funders” (as opposed to what I suspectis and has been a relatively small group of actual “actors” or “movers” within the “operations” of ALEC.

    The idea that–in our US representative democracy–elected officials who take and offer (and, more importantly, vote for) “pattern” or “standard” legislation literally written and supplied by a group like ALEC is way beyond the Norquist-style violations by US elected officials of their ‘ (irrespective of the office) oaths and duties of ekected office.

    It is a precursor to the kind of US domestic terrorism via legislation that the US saw (and millions of US citizens suffered through( for about a 100 years with the enacted legislation (mostly in the South) or adopted government regulations that were collectively and commonly known as Jim Crow.

    With some of the “funders” of ALEC (like Coke and Pepsi) now beginning to run like a scalded dogs away from ALEC because it is now understood (for instance) that the infinitely stupid Florida “stand your ground” “law” was an ALEC -written and supplied “pattern legislation (read: “order”), maybe the “actors” or “movers” (or, probably more accurately “Republicans’ puppet masters”) of ALEC will be better identified. I bet that if I named my top 5 likely suspects, my batting average would be .800 or better.

    In any event, ‘toons like this one might begin to “get through” to US folks as to what the real threat and evil is to our democracy, liberty, and commonweal, in ways and through mental processes than other sorts of media commentary can’t.

    Then again, I long ago recognized the truth in: “There are none so blind as those who will not see.”

    Again, thanks for this timely and meaningful ‘toon.

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