Winner’s Bracket

I did a similar March Madness cartoon last year, relating to the severe budget cuts governments were having to make because of the recession. I can’t resist the visual metaphor of the tournament brackets winnowing things down. This year, it’s about the GOP budget unveiled by Rep. Paul Ryan. I’ll say this for it: it lays out for all the world to see what the Republican party stands for. More and more for the rich, paid for with the programs the rest of us rely on. It’s almost impossible to overstate just how radical a document this is. It lays out a vision for this country that essentially undoes seventy years of policies that have made us the most successful nation on earth, in the name of an economic theory that has been proven false again and again. Cut taxes, reduce government regulations, and the economy grows like crazy, right?  Except that we now have the lowest tax rates since the Great Depression, and an economy mired in recession. The Bush tax cuts were rammed through in 2003, with the promise that jobs would grow on trees and the government coffers would overflow with surplus.Exactly the opposite happened. We got rid of that onerous regulatory burden on the financial industry, and Wall Street nearly destroyed the world economy as a thank you. So what does the Republican Party roll out in the aftermath? Exactly the same arguments. At least they had the courage to tell us what they would cut to pay for their gifts to the wealthiest Americans: only the entire social safety net. We were well on our way to becoming a stratified country of haves and have-nots., with little social mobility.  If enacted, this budget would speed the process. Welcome to the underclass, folks. Unless you’re already rich.

4 thoughts on “Winner’s Bracket”

  1. say one thing; do another; distract foibles on to the other party. define the terms. when Ryan and Romney et al say something, what are they saying, and what do they mean? pay attention to the detaiil, then you will know just what the straight dope of the various issues is. we are not using the same dictionary or the same encyclopedia. the gop side no longer tries to hide their radical activist agendas, so put together the various pieces of the puzzle. what they want is not what the vast majority of this country wants or needs. They are a shrinking minority of fantasyphilic yo-yos who never let the facts invade their issues, which they do not know either, although they do have spinmeisters to give them talking bullet points and replay buttons of their incessant crap that is well and long established to be ridiculous and non-funcitoning. jobs? what have they done for jobs? they want all the tax breaks and benefits of the country while it is taken off the backs of most people not in theit clubs and boardrooms.

  2. Hi, we love your March Madness cartoon. Our local candidate, Jim Reed, running on the dem ticket, is a tax attorney who wants to get into Congress to change those tax laws the ignorant tea partyers voted for. We enlarged the cartoon, with your copyright info, to 11×17, so Jim could use it in his speeches. I hope you don’t mind. He’ll definitely give you credit and send people to your website. BTW, I like your url.

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