Pope Rick

Rick Santorum, the latest not-Romney to surge in the Republican primaries and caucuses, brings with him a religious absolutism that I find positively frightening. The man might well be running for Grand Inquisitor, given his hatred of gays, his disregard for the rights of women, and his contempt for much of the advances of the twentieth century, all the more surprising given that we’re well into the next century. He predictably would end the right to abortion, but beyond that, thinks the states should have the right to outlaw contraception, wants to end prenatal testing, finds public education an anachronism, and seems to believe that Satan himself is working for Obama, or vice versa. In Santorum’s world, we’d all be better off if our women were in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant, where they would be home schooling our children in climate change denial. That this guy actually has a good chance of winning the nomination is a sign of how far to the insane right the Republican party has drifted. So, here is my vision of what a Santorum inauguration would look like.

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  1. Two comments:

    1. …or as Maureen Dowd recently called him, “Mullah Rick”…
    2. But can you seriously imagine this guy getting elected? If he were to, I invite y’all to apply for asylum in one of the larger European countries or in Scandinavia, where his kind of thinking is truly an anachronism.

  2. As much as I worry about the “theocracy” (or, cultural jihadist) aspects of a guy like Santorum (and that worry has nothing to do with his Roman Catholic denomination–believe me, there are those in power in the Southern Baptist Convention who are equally as hate and fear-filled and are similarly willing to take away thecivil (or US Constitutional) rights of others–the older I get the more I find myself struck by a strong feeling of revulsion for folks who have the temerity to seek from their fellow citizens the ultimate “government job” (elected), while showing the complete arrogance and rejection of one of our country’s greatest and most powerful cultural achievements (public education). A guy with 7 kids (a personal “choice” in itself) then choosing to home school them and then asking his fellow citizens to vote for him to be President of our country is almost unbelievable–but, in today’s US Republicanland, there is no hypocrisy too noxious, I guess. Especially when one is simply looking for any port in the storm to justify voting against the black guy.

  3. Don’t think for a minute that your sick cartoon about Santorum reflects the opinions nor beliefs of the majority of Americans. People like you (and millions of others) live in world believing that you are in control of everything and that you have the right to do and say anything thing that pleases you.
    How sad that people who believe that they have total control of their lives will someday find out the hard way that WE are not in charge of this universe.

  4. And, for the record, Santorum does not want to end prenatal testing. He simply stated that the test should not be used as a tool for a woman to check if her baby was ‘normal’. That way if there is a problem with the BABY (NOT BLOB), well, just kill it. It’s nobody, it’s not a life, it won’t feel anything. Then the woman can go on with her life, uninterrupted.
    After all, who would want a baby that’s deformed or handicapped? Surely not today’s woman on the go. She doesn’t have time for that. Too bad she will never know the abundance of love and joy that child would bring her.

    Women’s rights….why are they more important that a childs?

    Aren’t you glad, Ed Stein, that your mother chose life when she was carrying you?

    1. Sandra,

      You are the epitome of stupid. Do your homework, stop spewing ignorance. If you truly believe women and their doctors and their spouses easliy make health decisions like this; then more than likely you listen to hateful boobs like Limbaugh who truly despises women and has no understanding of what really is at stake here. These decisions are no more your business than are decisions to have chemo, to make decisions about whether to continue an IV or a feeding tube or to have a mole removed. It’ none of your business!!! You’re the same idiot who yells about government being too big and trying to infringe on your rights. Take a step back and listen to yourself. You have been brain-washed by MEN, men who want power over your brain so you will vote against your own best interests.

  5. HAH. Love the comments above . Poes law states satire, if sophisticated enough becomes indistinguishable from the object it satires and vice versa.
    Our politicians in England are just aristocrats and corrupt and incompetent, but at least their not zealots.
    Great strip Ed, i have loved your stuff.

    1. When the citizen’s who can vote are non-discerning zealots, politicians will invariably gyrate towards and/or emulate them.

      So, your system of corrupt incompetents might be a blessing, preventing (asa kind of check and balance) the political emulation of zealots going on here–of the type as seen and evidenced on this thread.

      I’m still trying to figure out how the ‘toon might in anyway relate to abortion (or–for heaven’s sake–Ed’s Mother.)

      Do you follow Sunderland? We saw them play Queen’s Park Rangers @ QP right before Christmas

  6. You can pick on the Republican candidates but in all fairness have one of Obama bowing to the head of Islam. There is not a doubt that he is a muslim. Would you prefer the candidates to be godless men? After all, you cannot draw G_D! I prefer my leaders know that they are accountable to G_D and to act accordingly.

    1. Ruth–

      Two or three very small, easy answerable questions:

      1.What color are the moons in your world?

      2. Would you care to give us a hint (much less a documentable piece of evidence) why you seem to that our President and Commander in Chief is a Muslim? Or, is it as simple as you believe he is one of them Ay-rabs?

      3, Who, pray tell, is the head of Islam?

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