The Next President

Now that corporations are people and money is speech, and Superpacs funded by anonymous donors dominate campaign spending, it’s only a matter of time, I figure, before we finally can do away with the annoyance of having actual people run for office. In a perfect world, the corporate sponsors will have their lobbyists write and pass all legislation, and the presidency will become a coalition of like-minded corporate interests. No need for a human figurehead anymore.

4 thoughts on “The Next President”

  1. As Iron Knee suggests, we’re probably already there. I disagree with the idea that we can do without our figureheads. Our current system of government depends on eighty percent of the population not understanding what’s going on. As a people, we need the mindless irrationality of our figureheads around which to rally our incoherent hatreds and hypocrisies.

  2. When will people realize what it really happening; that the Occupiers are not wrong. Our country is run by Corporations, not the People!

  3. If Democrats want a sure winner in 2012, they should run Hillary and we would have two good minds in the White House. She would have my vote.

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