Shining City

I’ve noticed that as the primaries heat up, all the Republicans are channeling the sainted Ronald Reagan. In the last debate before the South Carolina vote, Mitt Romney used the famous “shining city on a hill” line, and Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels repeated it in his rebuttal to Obama’s State of the Union address. Somehow, it doesn’t sound quite as stirring coming from their mouths. They both strenuously object to Obama pointing out that there’s a huge and growing disparity in income and wealth in this country. Romney calls it the “politics of envy,” replacing the overused “class warfare.” What’s painfully obvious, no matter how much they deny it, is that the shining cities in this country now feature a gilded mansion on the hilltop occupied by the very rich, while the rest of us live in hovels down in the valley, many of which are in foreclosure.

3 thoughts on “Shining City”

  1. Please no more mention of Reagan. I’m tired of tripping over people when his name is menitoned and they genuflect in unison.

    Too bad they have no idea that he increased taxes 11 times, increased the debt more than all the POTUS before, pro life a few years earlier, signed the 1986 Immigration Reform Act, etc. If they knew this they would vomit at his name.

  2. Did I mention that HW also increased taxes when he saw the mess he inherited? Too bad people don’t see the same when it comes to POTUS Obama.

  3. Thank you Ed. The only changes I’d have made: in the lower settlement I’d have walls down, Roofs caved in. An ugly gary mist writhing round and ugly black smoke spewing from the ‘industrial’ towers. You might alsoihave ncluded some beady-eyed rats peering down fro the ramparts. We need more artists like you.

    I read you in the Garden island News, Forum page- Kauai. We get it in black and white. I thanked our Editors for the inclusion.

    Come visit me.

    Peace and love Bettejo Dux

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