Left Behind

I watched enough of the debates leading up to Iowa to conclude that the Republican candidates for president seem to live on a different planet than the rest of us, one where the only problem this country has is named Obama. Unemployment at 9 percent? Millions of homes foreclosed? The erosion of the middle class? The obscene income gap between the rich and the rest of us? ┬áCut taxes for the wealthy, destroy Social Security and Medicare and make sure health care and financial reforms don’t happen. Problems solved. Meanwhile, in the real world, the long economic slump continues to cause terrible pain for millions of Americans, and none of the right-wing fantasies indulged by the pretenders to the White House offer any hope at all. Am I alone in thinking that the the outrageous sum of $12.5 million spent by the campaigns in Iowa could have been put to better use? Say funding a food bank or two.

15 thoughts on “Left Behind”

  1. You are SO RIGHT! I am infuriated at the money spent to buy votes and just can’t believe that our country cannot come up with a better way! Why are there not limits on the amount of money that can be spent for advertising/campaigning?

  2. I think Ralph Nader had his finger on that problem and even had a fix all ready to go. I think the Democrats vilified him as much if not more than the Republicans for his trouble. It makes sense when you figure that pretty much the same money owns both parties and calls the shots in this country for all of us. Where is Ralph when we need him?

  3. Great poignant illustration and commentary, Ed. Why the fear about helping our fellow humans? I know ‘friends’ who liken healthcare to socialism, and expect me to react with fright. Assume funding a food bank sounds good to me, but I assume that’s akin to that ‘s’ word, also.

  4. Ed, I agree with you wholeheartedly that the 12.5 million would have been put to much better use if spent on food banks. At the same time, I feel that the millions we taxpayers are putting out for the Obamas to vacation in Hawaii would also be better spent on food banks. Agree?

    1. Obama, or all presidents? Every time I’ve checked Bush has taken more vacation days than Obama. If you’re suggesting you believe all presidents should have a limited non-official travel budget that’s a different argument than saying Obama vacations too much on our dime. (An argument which the facts do not bear out either)

  5. Tim, who gives a rat’s behind which President vacationed the most? That has nothing to do with the fact that the excessive cost it entails would be better spent on causes for the needy.

    I do wonder though, if Laura had to have a separate plane for she and her enterage. You probabley have the answer, if not you can spin one real fast.

    1. The disingenuousness of your argument (and those who began this political meme) is apparent. This was not a complain made by the right during Bush’s tenure, yet he has partaken of those vacations more frequently. This is an argument made because the other party controls the white house, with only a cursory nod to the people who are actually suffering.

      If you want to be a champion of the disadvantaged, the first thing you can do is never vote republican again. But hey, keep pretending to give a shit about the poor politically in this one minuscule issue- I’m sure no one will see it as suspect at all.

        1. It is clear that it bugs you that that terrible, no good, very bad OBAMA is the sole problem and that he somehow behaves differently than his predecessors.

          You were one of the earliest posters on this sight to submit the post 2008-election Republican meme “yeah, blame everything on Bush”, and it is very clear that what will always get a rise out of Ol’ Don is to make a connection between troubles today that might have been (and probably were) caused or radically exacerbated during periods of Republican control of the legislative and/or executive branches (for instance, particularly the change of a Fed gov’t government surplus to a huge deficit during the time of control of Dick (“deficits don’t matter”) Cheney and his merry band of draft-dodging war (chicken) hawks.

          You have also averred several times on these threads that you are an “independent” and don’t watch Fox and the Republican/rightwing propaganda.

          The reference to watching the no-spin zone, of course, belies that position completely .

          Do you even know when you are speaking truth? Or do you just love to spread your anti-President Obama stuff so much that you really don’t care that you show yourself to be a prevaricator? Or, do you just have a memory problem an can’t keep your points of anger straight?

          However–just looking at Newt and Willard, it apparently is hard for US Republicans and conservatives to keep all the lies and hypocritical positions of US Republicans and conservatives straight, so, why should you be any different?
          Don., just make it easy on yourself and on us–just face up to the reality that you don’t like having a black guy as our President and Commander in Chief; never did, never will. It will at least help put your future comments on these threads in a Republican/conservative’s advocate context where they actually are.

          I am now pretty sure that if President Obama bought a worthless crop-land ranchette in western McLennan County and started spending weeks and longer there cutting cedar and brush (at the wrong time of the year) and holding the Saudi King’s and Bandar Bush’s hands as much as Bush the Lesser did, I am pretty sure that you would have a conniption because President Obama was putting on airs–or worse.

          Independent, my Aunt Fanny.

          I am a US liberal, with some Texas populist attributes and attitudes mixed in, mostly vote for Democratic Party candidates, and am proud of it.

          And am very proud of our duly elected President and Commander in Chief, and support him and all that he has accomplished–you know, including stuff that Bush the Lesser and Cheney completely failed at–like getting Osama Bin Laden.

          I would have thought that with your self-professed military background and the related oaths you took, you would also admire what hew has accomplished and would support our President and Commander in Chief.

          But apparently not.

          Funny what hatred, resentments and and prejudice will do to a person, no-spin or not. …..

        2. Perhaps I could post a “response” like yours that doesn’t actually address any issues. It’s not at all admitting you’ve no meaningful rebuttal to anything I have to say. Not at all.

          Oh wait.

  6. How can we assume that the Obamas vacation on our tax dollars? As President, he does receive a salary and benefits. I’ve always assumed personal vacations (for all Presidents) were paid for by personal finances unless official business is taking place along with the vacation.

    1. Yes and no. They can make some situations less expensive, such as visiting a second domestic home, but the protection details and logistics basically make all travel expensive.

  7. A President in this modern world the past 50 years has not had to pay for vacations. They stay in “Rich Friends” homes or resorts as needed, although some have had thier own which were modified at our expense for security reasons of course.
    They are our ans. to Europes Kings and thus treated as such. They do not have to slurp to the local Motel.
    The cost of the president and family travel is trivel, Lets talk some real money. All the Congress Junkets.

    NOW, Back on point. Running for office is expensive in this country. Try running a local campaign on nothing and see how many votes you get. You will get none. The old saying “MONEY TALKS< BULLSXXT WALKS" still holds true today.
    OR put another way " IT TAKES MONEY TO MAKE MONEY". That is the way of the election Process.
    OBAMA , Has the largest campain war chest of anybody and is still building money, so go tell him to give some to the poor, I am sure he will. HA , HA , sorry , but that really makes me laugh.

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