Mind the Gap

Interesting story yesterday about how wide the economic gulf has become between members of Congress and their constituents.  According to the New York Times, the median net worth of the folks in Congress grew 15 percent from 2004 to 2010, while the public saw its net worth drop 8 percent. Senators and representatives have always been richer than the average American, but the gap has grown precipitously in recent years. The average member of Congress has a net worth almost ten times that of the general public; half of all members are millionaires, and many are much, much wealthier than that. Why does this matter? Do you honestly sense that anyone in Washington genuinely empathizes with the people who are suffering in this economy? Does anyone there really understand what it’s like to lose a job, watch precious savings evaporate, be unable to afford health insurance, apply for job after job with no success, lose a home to foreclosure? You wouldn’t know it by the words and actions–or lack thereof–coming out of the nation’s capital.

6 thoughts on “Mind the Gap”

  1. Oh so true, I am glad you did not blame one side on this question. They all need to GO. They have sold thier souls to the Big Money Boys and to hell with the rest of us. I include the Military Industrial Complex in this mess as they are now our biggest employer next to govenment. Yes I still believe in the free market system but it is corrupt and broken right now, because people keep sending the same people back to congress over and over. THEY ALL HAVE TO GO!

  2. Good point, Ed. And yet, in order to replace our rich senators and congress people, those campaigning must raise huge amounts of money—donations that the Supremes now allow anonymously from large corporations and Big Oil.

    Oh, I wish I knew the answer. I’m voting for my Lab in 2012. Perhaps with your pooch as a running mate?

  3. This is a brilliant cartoon. It brings together the Occupy protests — against our pol-econ system dominated by $$$$$ — and the need for term limits. Imagine if they served us voters instead of their past & future employers on Wall Street!!

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