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Even some Republicans, who have up to now been unanimous in their refusal to compromise with Democrats on anything, are beginning to wonder about the wisdom of the continued paralysis. The few mainstream Republicans who remain in Congress recognize that the latest debacle, the failure to pass even a temporary extension of the payroll tax cut and unemployment insurance, is a disaster for the party. The public is clearly fed up with obstructionist tactics, and is now clearly blaming the GOP, as it should.

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  1. Mr. Boehner needs a lesson in Goverment. His job is not to delay an action by the Senate that was passed and sent to his chamber. There needed to be an “up or down vote” on the tax cut bill.

    The Speaker of the House was the first governmental mentioned in the Constitution. This office is to be voted by the whole House and does not even have to be a member of the House. The Speaker was to rarely take the Floor to speak or vote. The Speaker does not lobby- that is not their job it was for the majority leader, minority leader.

    We need a Speaker of the House who can do his/her job. I’m available, not employed and would love to get his pay check.

  2. Relax, this has been going on since our founding. Old Sam Rayburn was a master of being stubborn in the house. It was his way or the highway.
    Politicans like to play games , we the people have allowed them to become Kings and Queens and it has gone to thier heads.
    There is too much money passed around up in DC and too few honest people to stop the flow to change anything. We need a complete house cleaning of both parties. When you have 200+ millioniars running the country the representation of the people gets distorted. I do not care which party you are talking about. The house was supposed to be made up of regular people not rich people, that was the idea. Also it was not a full time job, or career. What an idea, or founders must have been crazy.

  3. Fred–a “just curious” question, (seriously):

    in the 2012 November election, are you definitely (positively) going to vote for the opponent of your incumbent US Representative, and also going to vote for the opponent of your incumbent US Senator (if one is on the ballot)?

    Another way of asking/confirming the action to be taken–will you do so (that is, cast your vote against the incumbent(s) irrespective of the party of the incumbent(s)–and irrespective of the party of their opponents?

  4. That is why we have primary elections so we have two chances to get rid of those that vote against the peoples will.
    Ah yes I will vote to replace the person I believe is NOT going to represent me and my beliefs.
    As a matter of fact in my district we have a new congressmen that is republican that is an idiot and needs to be replaced, why because he is a party hack. Lets face it that is how so many get in office, by paying thier dues, kissing butt, and waiting thier turn. Why because the people do not pay enough attention to who is running and why they are running, let alone what they stand for and what they have done. To often it is because they come from money or made a name for themsellves as an attorney in thier district or playing the kissing game in the party in power.
    My former attorney wanted to run when he was young , the party told him to wait four years and the job could be his. By then he did not want the job as he had found out how corrupt the system was and how quickly you can be corrupted after gaining office. His words were 6 months was all it took. He did not run for office, I respect him for that. But at the same time feel let down because a really good man did not have the guts to try to fight the system. That is how bad it has gotten.

  5. Fred–Thanks for the response.. I am glad to hear it. I, too, will be voting against my Rep in the general election–even if his opponent is a yellow dog. I can’t vote against the US Senatorial incumbent because she has chosen to retire. But I would have if she had run again. All just on principle–and because I realized some time ago that there are ultimately ONLY two things that matter to (literally enter the brain of) a person running for election to public office: that which would help get them elected, and that which would cause voters to vote for the other candidate. Everything else is bupkes. Without a fear (or recognition) that they can lose an election (and without actually losing one now and again), the whole process gets contorted.

  6. Don , I think you are right, the comet is coming , we are going to the light as they say.
    I have not seen the light yet…..
    O well, Happy Holidays . get while you can.

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