Voter’s Block

I’m delighted to hear that the Justice Department is taking on efforts by many states to suppress the vote in the next election. Since the 2010 election, in which Republicans gained control of a number of statehouses and governorships,  a dozen or more states have come up new voting restrictions. Eight of them, including Texas, Alabama, Kansas and Mississippi, imposed laws requiring photo I.D. cards in order to vote, ostensibly to prevent fraud at the ballot box. No longer acceptable are Social Security cards or other proofs of legal residence. What’s wrong with that? First, there’s scant evidence that there has been any serious voter fraud. The ominous specter of hordes of illegal immigrants descending upon the polling place has come up frequently, although there seem to be no known examples of this actually happening. Second, the people who lack driver’s licenses, the most common form of photo I.D.–minorities,the poor, the elderly–are much more likely to vote for Democrats. Beyond the photo identification rerstrictions, a number of states passed laws designed to make it more difficult for people with limited access to transportation or with inconvenient schedules–students, Blacks and Hispanics, the elderly–to cast a ballot. Florida, for example, restricted early voting, banning it on the Sunday before election day, a day Black churches traditionally get the vote out after services, and severely restricted voter registration periods. I’m surprised Alabama didn’t re-impose the poll tax to go with its anti-immigrant laws. Proving that these statutes are unconstitutional or violations of the Voting Rights Act isn’t easy, even when it’s obvious that they are nothing more than thinly veiled attempts to win at the polls by limiting the opposing vote rather than winning over the most voters. Let us hope that Mr. Holder pursues this issue aggressively, and in time to ensure a free and fair election in November.

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  1. What a second rate country you’re living in.

    I’m not saying we’re having the perfect system to vote. First of all, every legal inhabitant of the Netherlands over 18 y.o. has a right to vote. You don’t have to do anything for that, registering took place when you were born. A month in advance of the election [local, county, country, EU] everyone receives his/her voting card by mail. You bring that card with you to the polling station and an ID, they check if your CSN [Citizen Service Number] and if that’s correct you can vote. So simple.

  2. Lets not forget that a gun card in Texas is fine but not a student ID.

    BYW we need more gun classes for dogs as twice in the past month dogs have been careless and shot their owner.

  3. As a citizen who would have no trouble supplying all kinds of “ID”, I have been opposed to the idea of increasedshowing of “ID” for longer than this latest manifestation and spawn of US Republican racist hate and fear mongering has been gathering steam.

    Frankly, I am profoundly offended that I–as a US citizen–have to produce much if anything in terms of ID when
    I go to cast my vote, and view any increased need to prove who I am as an insult by some fellow citizens–who ought to be ashamed–except that most US Republicans have long since lost the ability to feel shame for their actions or racist and hate and fear-mongering behaviors and attitudes.

    When one reads of the contortions that the US Republican stooge and tool Secretary of State of Florida went through to “strike” or “exclude” voters from the polls leading up to the 2006 elections, one can easily see that an intentional effort towards the improper exclusion of legitimate and eligible US voters has been–in reality–much more prevalent than any actual “illegal voting” for quite a while.

    In the South (including–on this subject–Texas), of course, the US Republicans perpetrating this crime of exclusion of fellow citizens’ right to vote are likely the same ones (or are the descendants of the ones) who became Republicans as a result of the overtly racist US Republican “Southern Strategy”, and many probably still don’t understand what was ever wrong with the payment of a “Poll Tax” or the passing of a “literacy test” as a precurser to an actual right to vote in an election for public office in the US. Again, no shame.

  4. Please post another cartoon of the same black guy producing photo ID at the SS office or the State Welfare office or at the Union Hall or at the liquor store. Better than that, why not a hispanic mother with arms loaded up with “anchor” babies. Try to make your cartoons as left as possible. BTW, why didn’t you have the polling clerk wearing a FOX News button?

  5. What are you afraid of ? A photo ID is a simple thing to get and helps confirm who you are. Are you a sneaky crook, or a person that is hiding from the law? Perhaps you are in this country without permission, then you have something to hide othewise you do not and to show ID helps prevent crooks and aliens from doing bad things.
    Pretty simple. I know in your world everybody is perfect and there are no bad people, but in the real world sad to say there are too many and more every day. What have you all got to hide? , What are you afraid of that you do not want to show an ID to a police officer or for that matter a store clerk when cashing a check?
    There are two sides and the bad guys are wining because of your fear of having to show an ID. Pitty the fools.

  6. Please give me a few examples of voter fraud in the past election. Why is a gun permit a voter ID but a school ID is not? I’m from Chicago and there is always talk of voter fraud but where is “the beef”?

  7. What they complained about was the cameras hiden and the false ID , the words out of the mouths of the ACORN people were not doctored. The claim was they were tricked. They were closed down , thats the facts.

    1. Actually, there were multiple failed attempts at soliciting improper behavior. There have been various claims about how the take that actually made it into the final cut was misleading or dishonest.

      Regardless, look at the source. A prankster can never make a very good investigative journalist- but he’s sure making money off of right wing scares. It’s nice to know that you can still make a career by feeding the desires of morons with similar beliefs to you, Fred.

  8. You continue to show your strips, every time you hear the truth you get nasty.
    The truth hurts , grow a pair and man up. The truth only hurts the untruthful.

    1. Fred–I’m sorry, but you wouldn’t know the truth if it jumped up and bit you on the butt.

      For instance–you apparently just missed a dose of it it, spoken squarely and truthfully and directly to you by Tim .

      Are you also aware that when you use those kinds of crude and trite sayings, you are demonstrating to the world a level of ignorance, a penchant for bullying and and an out-of-era sexism that almost boggles the mind in 2011?

      A pair of what, Fred? If you’re talking about testicles, how do you “grow them’ if you don’t have them at birth–wouldn’t that sort of be a medical or physiological miracle? If you’re not talking about testicles are we–once again–supposed to just know what you’re talking about? Sorry, trashy behavior and trashy culture is something I have worked to get away from, and will not choose to just “understand it”

      Is that the way you and your friends around the end of the bar talk to each other? If so, like “minds”, I guess. A high class group, that! You must be proud.

  9. Wacobloke, ease up! Strike a nerve , I did not know until now that you were part of the womens lib culture.
    I am sooo sorry. The phrase is one used by MEN to MEN to tell them to MAN UP. BE A MAN.
    Thats all. Nothing personell and no offence intended. In this PC world things get too far out of control , when you object to my wording , walk away, do not lecture, This is still a Free country with FREE SPEECH. I know that you have a problem understanding that but for now that is a fact and Thank Goodness Remains the law of the land.

    I am far more offended by the use of cuss words used to sell shoes , that are very popular right now. I think that the use of that sort of language to sell products shows a sharp decline in our socitey. Let alone the current crop of TV shows and the bad words they use, which used to get a bar of soap when I was a kid, They use swear words in place of humor like a bunch of 13 year olds.

    So once again Merry New Year to You.

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