How to End the Recession

Yesterday, the last of the recall elections in Wisconsin were decided. All told, more than $35 million was spent to overturn two seats in the Wisconsin statehouse. That was just for the campaigns. I don’t know how much the state of Wisconsin spent to hold the elections. The total for the nine recall elections was double the amount spent on all 116 Wisconsin legislative races in the last election. Mind you, that was just for the state legislature. Given the historic unpopularity of Congress, and of politicians of all stripes, I propose that we recall all elected officials at every level everywhere in the country. Can you imagine the enormous amount of money that will suddenly flow into every corner of this nation? Corporations, which have been sitting on enormous stashes of cash, but have refused ┬áto hire people, will likely have no qualms about pouring money into those races. The political parties and lobbyists will throw record wads of cash into the fray to protect their turf. That’s money pumped directly into the economies of every city, county and state in the land. Recession over. And best of all, we might actually get rid of a fair number of the most annoying politicians. It’s a win-win.

2 thoughts on “How to End the Recession”

  1. I beg to differ, This is an example of government waste and spoiled brats wasteing money because they did not get thier way. They could have waited until next year. That money could have been spread around alot futher then to TV stations and Ad agencies.

  2. The sad part about this is that, according to Jack Lessenberry of Michigan Public Radio, Recall elections are now in doubt in here in MI due to the Michigan Democratic Party spent alot of money on this recall election hoping for a much larger win there will help in carry over to here.

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