Paul Ryan Rides Again

You have to hand it to House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan.  Having his head handed to him by the public for his initial attempt to eviscerate Medicare hasn’t fazed him in the least. He’s at it again, this time blaming our economic troubles on health care reform. He begins his thesis accurately enough, stating that unless something is done, the rising costs of health care will eventually bankrupt the country. So far, he and Obama agree.  From there, he does a deft bait and switch, attacking the primary provision of the new health care law that actually will control costs, the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB), a panel created to help reign in Medicare spending.


Ryan claims that “it relies on a plan to control costs in Medicare that would give a board of 15 unelected bureaucrats in Washington the power to deeply ration care.”  Oh, no, not the dreaded unelected board of bureaucrats! In other words, we don’t want health care experts to actually examine medical data and determine which drugs and procedures are effective and which are not. we don’t want doctors to have the scientific tools to prescribe the most effective treatments. What does Mr. Ryan think should be the alternative–an elected board? One made up of politicians beholden to drug company and medical manufacturer  lobbyists for their election campaign funds? Fine idea, that. And then there’s the old rationing boogeyman, as if refusing to pay for useless drugs and ineffective treatments is a bad thing, and as if the current system doesn’t already ration care in the cruelest way possible, by income. Ryan’s solution? “Our plan is to give seniors the power to deny business to inefficient providers.” In other words, give seniors on Medicare a voucher and let them make medical decisions themselves, based on their thorough scientific knowledge of which treatments are necessary and which are not. The sick, the sacred, those suffering dementia will surely make the right choices, especially when their vouchers turn out to be insufficient to pay for the more expensive care. Power to the people.


The alternative, changing the Medicare system to one that controls costs by holding doctors, drug companies and  medical suppliers accountable, one that pays to keep people healthy rather than paying for unnecessary care, is unacceptable to Ryan. That would be government control of health care. No, the free market is doing such a good job of controlling costs and covering everyone, why on earth would we want the government to interfere?  Let’s just give the people a voucher and wish them luck.

One thought on “Paul Ryan Rides Again”

  1. what government control? as it is, the government is a major payor and does not insert into the medical office, unlike the republicans hell bent on ‘social’ issues, not on reality and jobs. the government monitors and audits and does not dictate what happens between the physician and patient, unlike the insurance companies who do dictate and limit and even makes a decision after the fact to determine whether or not something else should have been done. and these are not doctors passing judgment. ie experience severe chest pains, be overweight at a restaurant, call EMS for a ride to the ER, get a diagnosis of ‘heartburn’ (upset tummy), and find the entire episode not covered when you could have taken a Tums and been fine.
    deny inefficient providers? the brainless wonder lives on another planet. one old folk has no way of knowing what an inefficient provider and may not have an alternative. about as dumb as the oil companies telling us they do not think the American people want shared sacrifice; they want shared prosperity. Oh, so bozo oil baron will invite me into his boardroom, hand me a nice Cuban Cojiba and a snifter of brandy? then offer me a good hot tip at the track and thousand to bet along with his limo? puh-leaz. whoever eats that scheisse deserves the maladies befalling them.
    Ryan wants to cut something, not the wealthy, but the poor working disenfranchised powerless everyday volk, that does not include the Palinator? Start with the fat built in over the past decade-Bush wars. ie the Pentagon. and to stay on this particular editorial of Ed, the Bush maltreatment of our soldiers over there and back here. give them a safe shower that will not electrocute, barracks without mold and mildew, security for the families left behind, proper intact benefits for families of killed and maimed soldiers and medical/surgical support for those alive, include mental/emotional care.
    and ship Ryan, Cheney, Rumsfeld and other crooks to the Persian Gulf, banished forever from the joys of what being American used to be, and they have ruined.

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