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  1. I am disappointed in the “Freshly Squeezed” that appeared today, May 7, 2011. I am a teacher. Every morning I look forward to reading the comics because I look at it as a positive and fun way to start my day. Instead of blaming the teachers, why don’t you look at our governing officials who have slashed educational funding? Why has education become the blame of everything today? I am just hurt by Irv’s comment.

  2. Sir,

    In reference to freshly squeezed the past two days. Please either do your homework a little better or stick to topics that you know something about. The golf course industry does not need nor deserve idiot comic writers slamming it with rhetoric such as the comments you’ve put in your strip. Rather than take my word for it (a 42 year veteran of the golf business) inquire with the USGA, the GCSAA, the EPA, the DEP, any state water management authority and you will find that the golf industry is more ecologically aware, more tightly regulated and more environmentally sensitive than ANY FARM operation in this country little less any and all home owners after their semi-yearly trips to Home Depot, Lowes, Menards et al.
    You may not think this is a big deal sir, but we work too hard at what we do, trying to do it right to be slammed by an uninformed soul who happens to have a daily, national audience. Please use your soap box more responsibly in the future.

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