I wonder if the sour, off-key comments by House Speaker-to-be John Boehner and still Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell after the election might have given the voters who placed renewed confidence in the Republican Party buyer’s remorse. Boehner gave no indication whatsoever that he was willing to work with Democrats, and McConnell repeated his claim that his agenda for the next two years is to defeat Obama.Wait. I though solving America’s problems–like creating jobs and ending this prolonged slump–might be closer to the top of the list.

I can’t help thinking back to a time when American political leaders had big dreams, and audacious plans. No, we didn’t eliminate poverty or drugs or cancer or terrorism, but we had presidents who tried, who created Medicare and Social Security, who built the interstate highway system, cleaned up our air and water, and we had Congresses that worked with them to make this country the wonder of the world. Now we have permanent campaigns waged by politicos who dream only of taking power. The party of “No” won this round, and its agenda for America’s future? Consolidate power. By continuing to prevent any progress on any front that a Democratic president might be able to claim credit for.

5 thoughts on “Wartime”

  1. Like I said earlier…here we go down the Yellow Brick Road…believing the promises the GOP wizards will fix for us. Oh but…there is no wizard! It was just a little man with a loud voice!

  2. So what did the Tea Party people think would happen? They didn’t think that far, denial, which theyv’e been so good at all along. What if you publish your cartoon in a newspaper in Nebraska or Iowa? Do you think if people start making them answer questions that sooner or later logic will hit them and like all bullies they will slup off behind a woman’s skirt and disappear into the trees. I think it’s worth a shot.

    1. I’m waiting to watch the angry tea partiers and other voters savage the newly elected conservatives when they fail. I think their patience is going to be shorter not longer this time.

      Which should make for a nice 2012 rebound.

      No drama Obama is taking this in stride. No gnashing of teeth. Just steady at the helm, none of the grinning and smirking of the last fool.

      No matter what this elections does show, the one thing it does NOT show is any amelioration of Bush’s reputation.

  3. We don’t have big dreams, because we’re not a big people anymore (except physically, of course). We’re a timid little people with timid little dreams of never-ending tax cuts, TV appearances, and winning the lottery. We have no interest in creating anything bigger than ourselves, no interest in building or discovering or even learning.

    We used to be an optimistic, “can do” sort of people. Our flaws were flaws of confidence, even arrogance. Now, we fear we can’t do anything, so we don’t even want to try. We dream of death, of this glorious fantasy of an afterlife, where someone else will make everything perfect. We won’t even have to get off the couch. All we have to do is BELIEVE.

    The LAST thing we want to do is ask questions. That’s too scary. Reality is the enemy, always threatening to invade our fantasies. Science says that magic doesn’t exist, so we must reject science. If we stick our heads in the sand, we can pretend anything we like.

    Big dreams require a big people. I don’t know what’s happened to us, but we seem to be a timid little people these days.

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