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Even if Republicans take back both houses of Congress this year, they should not cheer too loudly. They were soundly repudiated just two short years ago (how soon we forget), as the Democrats will be this time around. What does this tell us? It tells me that Congress, ever more beholden to special interests and to their lobbyists, has strayed so far from representing their constituents that neither party speaks for us anymore. Unfortunately, in a two-party system,, the only choice we have is to go with the other guy, even if the other guy was the guy you threw out last time. Sadly, the Republican party we are about to empower has been pushed so far to the right that it no longer embodies what used to be called conservatism. It is now a radical, reflexively anti-government, anti-tax party with an agenda so bizarre that it is incapable of solving our problems, or even addressing them coherently.

At risk is the new health care law, which has only begun to take effect. The lies being told about it by candidates eager to overturn it are outrageous. That it will raise taxes. It won’t. That it’s the cause of the increased cost of health insurance premiums. As if they weren’t going up by staggering amounts before. That it’s government-run health care. No, it’s not. That it cuts hundreds of millions from Medicare. No, it doesn’t. ¬†What it does do, which its opponents are careful not to mention, is give 30 million Americans who were locked out of the system access to health insurance, and it ends the most abusive practices of the insurance industry. Is it perfect? No, not by a long shot. It’s a beginning, not an end, of health care reform. The only alternative the Republicans propose is to go back to the unsustainable status quo, in which you can’t get insurance if you’re sick, you get kicked off if you get sick, and costs continue to spiral out of control. Is that what we really want?

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  1. Those $500 million in “cuts” to Medicare Advantage programs simply takes the fee that Medicare pays to the insurance comapanies and stops paying them a monthly stipend wether or not the patient gets seen or not, and now pays the insurance companies for each use. That saves more than half of that money. No wonder the Health insurance companies got mad. Now they actually have to do something before they get paid.
    Medical equipment is now on a “competetive bid” basis, with companies that have been approved by Medicaid to serve patients. That saves another “glob” of the money. You would be amazed at how many business have “gone out of business” because their profit margins went from — well, here’s an example. I had therapy from a hospital and they wrote an RX for and electrical stimulation device used for pain. The company told me I had to rent it from them, through Medicare and they refused to talk to me. Finally, a year later they sent me a bill for my 20% and billed Medicare $!245 and some cents. I looked the item up on-line. It sells complete with a years worth of batteries and electrodes for $45 plus shipping. That company is now out of business under that name, but are still selling the device but not through Medicare. So, if you consider that every medical device being sold was being treated this way by every company doing business in America, you can understand why they are furious that they can no longer steal from the American people anymore. Meanwhile, Seniors that know what is going on are not paying 17 and 21% increases in their Healthcare insurance premium but more like 3% because that was all that was truely necessary.
    The Republicans say they are going to do exactly what has already been done with Healthcare. So now they do not have any reason to be elected and kill the country with greed again.

  2. I had the same thing happen to me. before I was on MEDiCare I was put on a breathing machine at night. I bought one , a used one with replacement available for $350. After I went on Medicare my machine broke I went in for new one which they gave me and then I saw they billed Government almost $1000. two years later I needed new hose and mask the charge to government $350 total. This is robbery and should have been stopped years ago.

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