It’s not even a question that the national economic policies of the last few decades have favored the wealthy at the expense of the middle class. We’ve seen an astonishing increase in income inequality as taxes have become more regressive and the marketplace has been increasingly deregulated. The percentage of the nation’s wealth controlled by a tiny minority has grown exponentially while the income of lower- and middle -class Americans has stagnated.

I’ve wondered for years how so many people have been persuaded to vote again and again against their own economic self-interest. A revealing article by Jane Mayer  in the August 30 issue of The New Yorker magazine helps explain it. Over the years billionaires like Rupert Murdoch and the Koch Brothers have steadily funded operations designed to stoke populist anger against the government and progressive ideas. The Tea Party, far from being a spontaneous populist movement, has been underwritten with tens of millions of dollars and coordinated through a network of organizations with names like Americans for Prosperity, with the singular goal of creating an angry block of disaffected voters who will unwittingly vote for policies that benefit the very wealthy.

Lurking behind the trumped-up fear of a government takeover of our lives is a desire on the part of these rich funders to force government out of the job of regulating how they do business, protecting workplace safety, defending the environment, overseeing the safety of the food supply, and raising their taxes–in other words, doing anything that might reduce their profits. That would also include, by the way, paying for the safety net. How this will be good for the army of middle class Americans they’ve enlisted to fight their battles for them is something I can’t answer, and I suspect the zealous Tea Party devotees can’t either. But letting out the anger, I guess, feels really good, even if the eventual consequences most certainly won’t. But, by then, we might have another Democrat in the White House we can blame for our troubles.

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  1. What you and others do not understand about a certain part of the American public is the desire and dream to be on top , to succeeed. That is why a lot of people came and still come to this country. For the chance to grab that star be rich and famous. The degree of rich depends on where you start. If you have nothing and no chance to grow in your life then life is hopeless , Some will do anything for that chance to get a job just to eat others want to build a business. To put everyone in the same box is not the American dream never was never will be. We know that there are greedy people taking advantage of the system and do not want to share. And that is true at the top and bottom of the American public. I can tell you have never owned a business, met a payroll and faced a IRS agent that came in your door because they did not receive your 1099s , They think. I have , I showed the agent we had filed in thier office and then I fired all my employees so I would not have to talk to him again. I am not alone , this is just one of the reasons that we do not have jobs here any more.

    1. So Fred,

      I don’t believe that anyone would disagree with the first part of your statement. I believe that I understand the American Dream, very well. What I don’t understand is what that has to do with your personal experience and your reaction to that. I don’t get the connection nor do I get why you would fire “employees” simply because you didn’t want to talk to the agent again. Maybe, the discussion was why you were giving 1099s and not W-2s to your employees? Now that problem I would understand.

    2. For you to Fire All of your employees because the tax man came around says a Lot about you. I have worked for Greedy employers like you that want the employee to use a 1099 so that they don’t have to pay unemployment taxes and was Badly mistreated by the employer. You don’t care about your employees and would have subjected them to Overly Dangerous conditions if it meant you could easily make more money because You are the Lazy one. A business will prosper if the employees are happy and are treated fairly because it is the common workers that make the business succeed, not the owner and his policies. An uncaring owner and selfish policies make a Bad company that will never survive. Your company was going to fail even if the Tax Man had not come around, that was just an excuse to close up and try to save face with those whom you actually care what they think.

      All these people that own small businesses that think that letting the Bush tax cuts expire will cost them their businesses are either stupid or just gullible to the Mega Rich propaganda because only those who make Many Millions per year will be affected. Obama is trying to pass legislation that will help Small businesses but because it will do Nothing for Large businesses the puppeteers are whipping up the masses to fight this legislation and the Tea Partiers and Republicans are waging war against Anything from Obama because their Greedy leaders tell them to even if it is something that will help Them.

  2. Well Fred, if you fired actual “employees” who got 1099’s you were probably breaking the law. Those forms are for contract labor which some so-called business people use to avoid paying their share of FICA, unemployment and workers compensation. And yes, I’ve met a payroll, started, built and sold more than one successful business and provided good benefits for my employees. And I paid my fair share back to society to pay for the foundation of good roads, courts and educated workers.

  3. Once upon a time the elite/wealthy realized that in order to GET & STAY rich they needed a solid consumer class (AKA the middle class). Apparently the elite/wealthy no longer believe that as they try to keep as much of their money as they can AT ALL COSTS rather than ensure a solid and stable capitalist state.

  4. Sometimes I feel that most of the Tea Party people Must have grandiose dreams of somehow getting Rich and they want to be able to keep All of their money (Greedy), and not be “forced” to help the poor, (which is the Only way most of them would ever help the poor). That is about the only reason I can figure for them supporting a Blatantly and Shamefully obvious Mega-Corporate Slanted agenda.

    They don’t want to pay taxes to pitch in for a Healthcare program for Everyone, they don’t want to pay taxes to help those who actually Need help, and they want Less government so that the Rich will have Everything they want without restrictions no matter what happens to the Poor or the Environment. They just seem to be a bunch of greedy Corporate Wanna-bees and Gullible Sheep that just parrot anything that their Rich idols tell them.

    Sorry if I sound a little angry, but I am Frustrated at the Greed and pure Gullibility of Most of the Far Right Tea Partiers. It’s just a shame that people with that much political passion are mostly Greedily wanting things that most of them will Never have, (i.e. the opportunity to keep Millions or Billions to themselves).

    1. Foos, It doesn’t seem to be just a money thing, though. Most of these folks have no problem spending trillions in Afghanistan and Iraq. Most of that money goes to contractors, so maybe it’s a jobs thing but it sure doesn’t make sense to me that we can spend trillions in those quagmires but not on health care for all Americans…..

      1. Actually, it’s all about FREEDOM because they need to defeat the evil big government to ensure FREEDOM for everybody and not lose and of their FREEDOM to do…things….


        If you can’t tell, that’s my theory as to why the Tea Partiers are so pissed off. They are afraid of losing their FREEDOM to the big scary socialist government and are willing to do anything to ensure their FREEDOMS, including their FREEDOM to get shafted by an out of control corperatation.

        Because only BIG GOVERNMENT is a threat, and never, ever big business.


  5. how good the overly rich are being outed for their astroturf ‘tea parties’, how disingenuous. They throw out so much fantasy like a Darth cheney torture chamber that enough of our common idiots believe and will vote against their own interests. As it is now, 95% of the people are enjoying a tax cut; soon the rich will not. yeah. but those richie riches are getting alot of our common idiots to be their foils. Well, I guess they deserve their follies. we get the government we deserve because we vote them in to office, and that is term limiting. good night.

  6. In this country I see, fiat money, a rich ruling class, a welfare state, a vast military empire, civil liberties being eroded (Patriot Act), looming hyperinflation, a manufacturing heart now called “The Rust Belt,” growing crime, growing poverty, retirements at risk in the stock market casino, massive unfunded social programs like Social Security and Medicare. So I don’t really care who’s funding the Tea Party….they have some very good points.

    1. Fiat money? Yikes! Good to see someone out there is worried about that besides me.

      Maybe you can enlighten us with some of the good points Tea Party has.

        1. I don’t think that is true. I don’t believe they want to cut:

          National Defense
          Medicare (at least their own benefits)
          Social Security (at least their own benefits)
          Veterans Benefits

          Just to name a few. I also doubt they want their roads and bridges falling apart or cuts in airline, food or drug safety.

          However, they are for a balanced budget and lower taxes. Now the above 4 items plus interest on the debt exceed current revenues let alone cutting taxes more. I’d love to see a plan on how they, exactly, would accomplish their goals.

          1. How do you Cut taxes. or even Not Raise them on those that can afford it at a time like this, and Not cut those programs? Yes, I to would like to hear their answer to that.

            What I have been hearing from them is that we do Not Need Any government Social programs. It does seem to me to be a conundrum that they like the programs that benefit them but still want to cut all government Social programs. I personally believe that we should ginsu the Hell out of the Defense and CIA budgets as soon as we get out of Iraq and Afghanistan and use the money for Universal Healthcare. Oh hell, you got me started on Healthcare. Now I’m gonna have to go comment on another blog about Healthcare. Peace!

    2. Hey, I agree with the Tea Party about some of the problems our country has;
      Yes, we have a Rich Ruling class.
      Yes, we have a Larger Military expenditure than we should have because we are in a war in Iraq that we should never have been in.
      Yes, our Civil Liberties have been trampled on by the Patriot Act that should Never have been allowed to pass.
      Yes, our manufacturing has been leaving the country at an Alarming rate.
      Yes, we have growing poverty.
      Yes, we have growing crime.
      Yes, the stock market is a Casino.
      Yes, we have problems with our Social programs like Social Security and Medicare.

      The difference is the solutions. The only answer the Tea Party seems to have is to Cut Everything.

      Sorry to repeat myself in this thread but I thought it necessary.

  7. Sorry I am old and forgot They all got W-2,s the problem was we filed at the IRS office our taxees at the IRS office to make sure it was recieved and stamped as recieved , of which we got a copy. They screwed up. I got the vist after two years of going back and forth with these idiots because they could not find my file so once I had the visit I decided to get out of the tax collection business for the government. Until you run a business you have no idea what a small employer has to face dealing with the governmet employees some of whom have God written on thier sleeves. The people that work for small business have no idea what the owner goes thru to provide them a job. I was able to job out the work and make far more money with far less worry. I see where the IRS has increased the inspections of small business taxs by a massive amount recently. The system is broken and has been for some time.

    1. Fred, Your frustration is understandable but lots of things in life are frustrating. So, you decided to “job out the work”. What I’m trying to figure out is what this has to do with the subject at hand, your original posting or even the loss of jobs. It sounds like people just went to work for someone else. What system is broken?
      P.S. This country, literally, has millions of small business owners and somehow most of them can handle it. If I had to make up a list of 10 things that a small business owner has to worry about, the IRS wouldn’t make the list. I’d be much more worried if my employees actually showed up for work, if the supplies I needed showed up, if the customers showed up, if the customers paid their bills, if my machinery breaks down, if my computer breaks down, if the weather goes bad, will I be able to pay the rent, will I be able to make payroll, etc, etc.

  8. Jerry , You got it then add the IRS and the rest and then wonder why more companies are outsourceing to other countries. There is no Free lunch. And I agree that the system of taxes on the very top is broken. There is not a chief ex. that is put in office by a board that is worth 400 million dollars a year. That is insane. A lot of the boards have the same people on them it is the good old boy system. And Both Sides of congress are on the take. The systme is broken. I am afraid that the money keeps flowing to keep the rest of the population spinning and blameing each other rather then the real bad guys. That is why we need to vote them all out every election keep them spinning instead of us. I know it is always but my congressmen did this for my state or city. AT what cost? The ride has to stop sometime or it is back to the rich and poor no middle. I know you will say I am nuts , but that is ok I will be dead and gone and your children and grandchildren will be the beggers in the streets.

  9. I hoped–irrationally, I suppose–that Fred would stop polluting this site with his ravings.

    Fred–do you or do you not participate in Medicare, you ol’ freeloader?

    When i was in college, i worked Christmas time at JC Penney. To get the job I had to agree to work 12 hour days, six days a week for the 2 and a half weeks of vacation. came the end of the first week, and, silly me, I . thought i would get some overtime. nope–i got 40 hrs.traihght time, and was told that if i complained i would be terminated. I got enough weekly checks to equal the correct hours.

    i knew no lawyers. I didn’t know the law.

    I bet those sorry managers would tell you they were ‘making a payroll’, too.

    They should have been put under the jail.

    If you were so inept a businesspewrson fred that you hafd to cheat, better you didn’t continue to cheatr your employees, I guess.

    Folks like you fred, are a disgrace to my country.

  10. Waco, as usual you did not read or can not do so. I DID NOT CHEAT ANY ONE OR ANY THING. The IRS could not find my reports I filed at thier office. So THEY CAME TO MY OFFICE ARMED mind you . I had a stamped (from thier office copy of the form in my office) which when I produced a very red faced IRS agent backtracked and still tried to get fines out of me. The US government is only as good as the people it hires/ l could introduce you to a very nice drunk that works for the Social Security Dept. He drinks so much his legs might have to be taken off. This is off subject other then the government is not always right and our system needs more people to become involved be they right . left , green , or nuts to get people involved. What bothers me is the people that can not see another point of view without getting or going crazy. Liberals are supposed to be tolerent, PROVE IT, you talk the talk , but you do not walk the walk.

    1. Fred, you’re right. Sometimes folks aren’t as tolerant as we should be. I think, though, that one of the problems is that all we have are a few written words and really don’t have a chance to sit at the table at the local diner and just chat about things…and get to know each other. The one problem I’ having is understanding your points. I would really like to understand what your issues are.

      Telling me a story about a guy at the SSA that drinks too much doesn’t tell me anything. I know a local plumber that drinks too much, a guy that works at the auto parts store that drinks too much, a guy who trys to ranch that drinks too much. What does all that mean? I certainly don’t paint all plumbers, auto parts guys and ranchers with that same brush. No says that govenment is always right but no one in the private private sector is always right either. We’re all human. People make mistakes. So….

  11. Fred– Are you free-loadin’ on Medicare? You know, that government service that isn’t mentioned in, or guaranteed by, the Constitution? And paid for by my taxes–especially since–as part of the huge deficit handed to President Obama by the former President and 6 years of a Republican-controlled House, Senate and Presidency (you know–that deficit that all the Republicans are crying about) there was a huge un-funded Medicare mandate.

    If you were actually patriotic and a good American you would help reduce the terrible deficit by not accepting Medicare from that Bad Ol’ Gummint. If you accept it, you’re part of our problem.

    Of course, that would still leave us with the huge deficits from 2 unfunded wars, and tax cuts for the very wealthy to deal with. Which will be with us for awhile as we treat (i.e., pay for) the Veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan with severe problems resulting from constant exposure to “frontline stress” multiple deployments, etc.

    Dontcha just love it when we have a 5-times-deferred war-monger acting as de facto President sending folks off on multiple deployments in constant frontline stress situations and keeping them in enlistment periods for longer terms via “stop loss”, etc.?

    Well, they were “volunteers” and signed “contracts” that let them be treated like that. It’s a free country, with freedom of contract, even in the military.

    I just thought of something–Fred, are you a veteran, and have you ever received any form of veteran’s benefits?

  12. The one thing that most Liberals, Progressives – what ever your calling yourselves these days is they simply don’t understand that nothing is free. All of these massive government programs cost us all. It is dragging down our entire economy. Social Security is the biggest ponzi scheme ever devised by mankind. Bernie Madoff’s scam is a rounding error compared to the scam that is Social Security. Anyone who can see that is either really bad at math or is simply in denial. I stand with the conservatives on most issues – not all for a common sense approach to governing this country.

    – We can’t afford everything.
    – I agree that some folks need a helping hand up – but they must have the determination to become a productive member of society.
    – I have no problem with legal immigrants. If you want to live here – your welcome to – you just need to follow the law. Don’t come here to live on the benefits paid for by the legal citizens of this country.
    – Our healtcare system isn’t broken. Government is broken. and that is what we will fix in November.

    So let me be clear (If I hear him say that one more time – I’ll puke) come November – the Liberals (progressives) will hear the sane people of this country speak with a unified voice and retake this country and set us on a collective course for prosperity vs massive debt.

    1. Where do you get this stuff or do you just make it up yourself? We Liberals/Progressives completely understand that nothing is free. Where did you get the idea that we didn’t understand that?

      Now, I am very , very good at math. Social Security is not a Ponzi scheme. Where did you get that? What are your facts? I can’t imagine what life for the elderly would have been over the last 75 years if it were not for Social Security. It is the most popular government program in America.

      I’m really glad to hear you have no problem with legal immigrants since that is how most of us got here unless you are a Native American.

      I find it amazing that after 8 years of GOP leadership and all the problems that occurred that you honestly believe that going back to that will somehow bring us prosperity. Talk about puking. I guess it is a matter of who “us” is as the very wealthy have, in fact, prospered.

    2. Pssst. Sarah Palin is Not a smart person and does Not seem to know the truth about anything. Repeating what she says is just showing you’re inability to find facts for yourself.

      On Social Security; you seem to be confusing it with unemployment, most people on Social Security are not capable of working (Elderly and Disabled).
      On Healthcare; I guess you think that 45,000 people or more a year dying from treatable conditions because they have No access to Healthcare is the Perfect system and does not need to be fixed.

      Do the people who Really know you think of you as a great humanitarian? LMAO

  13. Fred, you can’t win on this website, I gave up months ago. If you want to see a cartoon that tells it like it is, go to robertarial.com and see his most recent cartoon Hot Air Baloon.

    1. Don – agreed. I also have noticed a change in tone in comments over the last few months. Some of it has to do with the folks who have recently jumped on board. I would guess that it also has to do with the pathetic and disappointing job being done by the current executive and legislative branches, and the reality setting in that their majority may (thankfully) be coming to an end.

  14. Don, You are rigth , They can not read or think clearly so I give up and will let them rant and think they won another battle for socialism or what ever.
    And one note to WACO , I have a son in Afghanistan right now so shut your mouth , HAVE you been there. IT is YOUR GUY sending troops there now.

    1. Fred –

      We pray daily for the safety of all our troops, including your son, but maybe your son would not be in Afghanistan right now and maybe America’s murderous enemy Osama Bin Laden would already have been captured, if the blood-drenched Bush/Cheney administration & Rumsfeld had not diverted our military resources to a misbegotten vendetta war in Iraq, horribly mismanaged from the top despite the advice of many who actually bothered to enlist, actively serve, and understand war. Tea people who do not demand accountability from them do not have a clue about Patriotism. Support the troops by not letting our leaders send them willy-nilly into an unnecessary war like expendable pawns.

  15. Fred–

    Sorry Bubba, I won’t shut my mouth. Your demand speaks volumes about you (as if we needed a any more insight into your self-centered and oblivious ravings.)

    Are you a vet who has accepted benefits? Do you accept Medicare?

    If so, your thanks for my tax dollars to support your lack of patriotic spirit will be considered in due course.

  16. As Ed would say, let’s all take a deep breath. It would be helpful, if all of us, would try to focus on a couple of points and not just jump all over the board. I realize it works both ways but my unbiased ;-) view is that some of us end up trying to respond to what we believe are rantings only to be accused of ranting. How about civil discussion?

    1. Jerry, it is hard to have a civil discussion when you are constantly referred to as a loon or an idiot and are constantly subjected to mis-information. I have attended each of our local Tea Partys and I just returned from the Restore America rally in Washington. As for mis-information, an example would be one of your above comments when you said the Bush Administration spent trillions on the wars. I believe the actual figure was 860 some odd billion. Frankly, I was against the war from the beginning and wish the money could have been put to a better use. However, we can’t change the past but we can sure change the future as you will find out on November 3rd.

      1. Cmon Don, You may be constantly subjected to mis-information but most of that is coming from the right. I’m not saying that I don’t make mistakes and it is good to be challenged on where one gets their facts. My experience is that when I ask where the facts come from, I get no response just a change of subject. My comment about the cost of wars was based on: http://www.nationalpriorities.org/costofwar_home

        You are correct, one trillion so far is not trillions, however I didn’t say “spent trillions” and the wars aren’t over yet. We’ll see if we don’t end up spending trillions.

        Can you give me just a couple of key issues that you and the Tea Party feel stongly about? Saying “balance the budget” and “don’t raise taxes” doesn’t work unless you have a basic plan on how to accomplish. I’m all for a balanced budget,

        When you say “Restore America”, restore it to what? If there is a link you can give me that would work, too.

        1. I went to nationalpriorities.org that you referenced and this is what I found. The total cost of both wars to date is $1,074,000,000.000.00. Of this figure, Obama has spent $326,000,000,000.00 since taking office. Therefore, the $860,000,000,000.00 that I quoted earlier was a little high. If my arithmetic is accurate, Obama has spent 30% as much on the wars in 20 months as Bush spent in the previous six years.

          Tell me where I am wrong and lets stick to one subject at a time instead of bouncing all over the spectrum.

  17. This cartoon is total bullshit! A complete lie! There are no billionaire tea party funders and we tea partiers are not puppets! Unlike the Democrats who do have billionaire funders like namely George Soros. Obama is his puppet!

    1. Foul mouthing is not necessary. Did you read Ed’s commentary? Do you not believe that Murdoch and the Koch’s are funding the Tea Party movement?

      I don’t think Ed or anyone else would deny that there are billionaires who provide funds to both the Democratic and Republican parties. I don’t think that was the point. I believe you when you say you’re not a puppet but tell me, do you know what you are for?

  18. Don,

    I sometimes think that folks see what they want to see. Here is my exact quote from above:

    “Most of these folks have no problem spending trillions in Afghanistan and Iraq.”

    No mention of Bush. No “have spent”

    1. The problem is and the mis-information is that trillions have NOT been spent in Afghanistan and Iraq.

      The next point you asked is, you asked “Restore America, restore it to what?” I will sinplify the answer, restore it to “We The People”, NOT “Me The President”.

      Your turn.

      1. Don,

        Ok, I think I already explained that I didn’t mention Bush or have spent but you win. So, you think this ranks up there with:
        Obama is a Muslum
        Obama is a Socialist
        Obama was born in Kenya
        Death Squads in the Health Care Bill
        Illegal immigrants are covered by the Health Care Bill
        The Health Care Bill guts Medicare
        The largest tax hike in the history of America will take effect January 1, 2011
        “We The People”, NOT “Me The President”
        etc, etc, etc

        P.S. What the heck does “me the President” even mean? Sounds like gibberish to me.

        1. I have no idea what you are talking about which is usually true of your comments. There is nothing above that I have ever advocated or even discussed with the exception of “We The People”.

          By “Me The President”, I am insinuating that he is putting his agenda ahead of the wishes of the majority, “We The People”. A prime example is “Obama Care”. The majority did not want it and do not want it (71% of Missourians made it clear they do not want it) and yet it has been forced on us. I could go on about 70% of Americans disagreeing with the President on the Arizona law but I think I have made my point.

          I’m anxious to see how you spin it.

          1. Now Don, I know you can remember bck more than one blog entry. You began this string with the comment of being constantly subjected to misinformation. I did not state that you ave ever advocated the mis-information that I am constantly subjected to, just pointng out as I said earlier where I believe most of it is coming from.

            Now, regarding “Me the President”, you have made no point at all. In fact, I find your logic absolutely unbelievable. In the first place, the President is elected by a plurality of those who actually went to the polls and voted. The President ran on a platform. This President ran on passing health care reform. You are telling me that all of our Presidents (how about any) actually waited for a Gallup or ABC or whatever poll to come in before deciding what agenda to push for or decision to make. You have to be kidding. We elect people to make decisions for us based upon what they say they are for. I may not agree with everything that a candiate is for but one has to make a choice, usually, between two candidates. I do not expect him or her to look at the polls each morning befor decising what they should do. If I am unhappy with their overall performance, I get to vote for someone else the next time. That is they way our representative form of government works and has always worked. I sometimes feel that all those who talk about “Restoring America” either have very short memories or never took American History or Civics.

            Secondly, the President does not make laws. Congress does. Our elected Representatives and Senators passed the Health Care Reform Bill not Obama. Thirdly, not that it really matters, did you ever see any details on the polls taken on the H.C. bill(s)? Who was against it? Why they were against it? Over 20% were agianst it because it didn’t go far enough. Over 1/2 of the others didn’t know why they were against it.

            I have no clue on why you mention the Arizona law or its relevance to this topic.

            I wonder, do you know what the polls were on going to war in Iraq?

  19. Waco, So your the guy that just pays his taxes and then feels like he has the high ground because he did so and NOBODY else did pay , ARE YOU NUTS. EVERYBODY PAYS TAXES. Were you born yesterday or I know you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth and you think you are KING. Wellll old buddy I assume you wear pants and if you do then you put them on the same way we all do, one leg at a time.
    HAVe you served in the military old buddy? OR are you a arm chair general? OR are you from canada where the draft doggers went old buddy.

  20. No Fred–this started because of an inane rant on your part about “other” folks who expect and feel entitled to things that aren’t guaranteed in the Constitution. (you sure seem hung up on “others”, when you aren’t glorifying yourself, you know) Why are you so insecure about whether other folks had or have anything? A true sign of insecurity, that.

    Of course “others’ expecting benefits or “entitlements” is pretty much a “dog whistle” for minorities on welfare. US Racists tend to hear the whistle very well.

    For what it’s worth, I come from a family with little, and a father who died when I was 13. Totally irrelevant, actually.

    Someone mentioned a loss of “tone” above. Ther is a loss of “tone” everywhere, but I don’t think it is “concern” by liberals (or progressives0 about anyrthing. The resuts of November will be what they are, and I will syill support my government anf President, as I always have. (I amn not sure–based on18 months of behaviors that that can be honestly said by many Republicans and Tea-Baggers.

    I have just reached a point where I will not any longer accept the likes of self-righteous dipsticks wandering onto sites like this and assuming that they can mouth that liberals (or progressives) are in a some kind of diminished class of citizenry, or that liberal or progressive are recognized as perjorative terms.

    If you and your cohorts want a better one, or some respect. then don’t come out sarcastic and ranting every visit, or making assumptions–especially about whether I am (or anyone else is) a good citizen.

    You are, again–based on what you have written over time on this site–a disgrace to my country.

    You are free to have any opinion of me that you want.

    I am not the one adding to this oh so critical (apparently) federal deficit by accepting government benefits that are having to be paid for by other folks’ tax dollars because the previous Republican administration/President (with 6 years of Republican controlled House and Senate) created two unfunded wars, an unfunded Medicare mandate, and lowered taxes without a compensating income stream, and changed a Federal budget surplus to a deficit in 8 years.

    I think that would be you, Fred, my boy. It’s part of why you are a disgrace.

  21. This is a funny cartoon because there was just an announcement a couple of days ago about a left wing rally held on 10.2.10 that’s sponsored by the tides foundation (george soros), green for all, color of change, SEIU, the united steel worker’s union, the national council of la raza, the afl/cio, and the NAACP… but yeah its those ebil wepubwicans telling people where to show up and paying for renting a stage and a PA system that’s ruining the country right? You fail yet again progressives.

  22. Waco or is it WACKO, hit a nerve did I.
    Have you served in the Army or Navy or any branch of service of theis country? Any children in the service?
    How come you can ask all the questions but not ans. any. How about This are you able to vote?
    Will you agree that to vite is a basic right of every legal person in this country?
    Will you agree that everyone has the right to disagree and not stup to name calling, I do not think you do.
    Sorry about your lose of your dad , I lost mine at age 2. Thats life , sad as it is and a long story inits self.
    Hey I liked JFK , hung signs did all that stuff. I was very young. I got over it.
    What you misunderstand is I am not a Tea party or Republica . I am an American Independent.

  23. Okay Jerry, I give up – I can see that attempting to debate you is useless and a waste of time.

    BG, Fred, or someone, how about taking over, I give up.

    1. “Useless and a waste of time”? Maybe, but Don, I need to tell you one thing straight up – what you do is not debate. You provide no facts, no logic, just sound bites. I don’t know why you are giving up. Tell me what you think the President should be doing, not only on those issues you diagree with but all of them.

      I can see the President now. Walks into the oval office first thing in the morning and looks for the latest poll numbers. Only 49 % of Missouri wants the US to help out Haiti – well forget that idea. 51: of Arizona wants us to shoot illegal aliens on site – load up, as Sarah would say.52% of Soiuth Dakoa want us to bomb the crap out of Iran. Let’s go to Defrcon 2. 62% of Idaho doesn’t want a Muslum Center built in Manhatten – not a Federal issue or an Idaho issue – but let’s put a stop to that. Uh oh, 51% of Florida wants to annex Georgia (why, I don’t know) but only 29% of Georgia wants to be annexed. What to do, what to do. Whoa, here’s a national poll. 54% of Americans, want the US to build a wall between the US and Canada. Now, that’s a Jobs Bill!! Last but not least, in response to hearing that scientists have determined that an astroid is headed directly for the center of the US, some where near Missouri, and will destroy 90% of the country in only 30 days: 12% said we should build a shield, 17% said to send up the Space Cowboys and 71% said to do nothing, Jesus will save us….

  24. Got names? The assertion rings hollow if you don’t name names. I’m tire of people on both sides of the aisle making contrite statements and then not revealing the sources of the information so the validity of the claims can be established. If facts aren’t included it becomes opinion that, for the most part, can be ignored.

  25. Washington Insiders and the Press totally misunderstand the Tea Party Movement. Every person who attends rallies that I have been in attendance paid their own way to get where they are in life and pay their own way to each rally. I bought my Don’t Tread on Me Flag in South Carolina and I proudly take it with me to Tea Party Functions. I resent the implication that my participation is influenced by money. My driving forces are the Size of Government, The Corruption of Government, and The Insulation of Government from the Governed. You Cartoon is not funny and does a great disservice to the thousands of Americans who just want a Government that lives within its means and does what the Constitution and Bill of Rights calls for and little else.

    1. Well, it’s not that we (Liberals and Progressives) don’t “understand” the Tea Party people, it’s that we Strongly disagree with them and are frustrated at the seemingly uninformed nature of Most of them.

      We as a nation have come a LONG way since the constitution was written and we now live in a world that None of the founders could have possibly envisioned. The Constitution is a Fine Starting place but we Must continue to expand on it to keep up with the demands of the new world, (*Not “Order”).

      We actually agree, for the most part, about what problems we are facing; i.e. Government Corruption, Politicians excluding themselves from laws and policies, Huge deficits, Wars, Loss of jobs, etc… We just disagree about how to fix it.

      Cutting Social programs and continuing or even expanding “Trickle Down Economics” will only further damage our country. Those are the policies that got us in the mess we are in. We just don’t understand how people can continue to think that if we just keep doing those things or even expand on them that we will get a different result.

  26. Hal, We don’t know much about Washington insiders or the Press here but I know that I misunderstand the Movement. I don’t understand the significance of the Gadsden flag and I’m really confused by the notion that government “does what the Constitution and Bill of Rights calls for and little else”. My reading of the Bill of Rights is that it tells governmnet what it cannot do. So, can you give some idea of what things the government is doing that is not “called for” in the Constitution? In fact, I don’t know what “called for” means to you. “Mandated”? “Allowed?” “Not prohibited”? I’d really like to understand what the Movement is all about, specifically.

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