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I know people are angry; heck, I’m angry. It’s an inevitability of American politics that the party in power during bad economies gets punished at the polls, and the Democrats certainly haven’t distinguished themselves with the power we’ve given them. But I keep coming back to this question–what has the Republican party done to earn our trust? Their unanimous obstruction of any and all proposals has paralyzed Washington, and helped create the climate of voter anger. To remind you of how extensive this opposition has been, Republicans unanimously (or almost unanimously) opposed the health care bill, the energy bill, the financial reform bill , aid to small businesses, the extension of jobless benefits, the oil spill protection act, and recently and most egregiously, help for 9-11 first responders. More than 120 Obama nominees for important posts and judgeships are still blocked. ┬áThis is the party we will reward in November, expecting them to do what, exactly? Other than absolute opposition to anything Obama, do they have a plan for getting the nation back to work (other than cutting taxes for the wealthy and cutting Social Security for the rest of us)?┬áSo, is this how we will conduct business from now on? The minority party, so long as it has at least 41 votes in the Senate, simply filibusters everything, and sweeps to power in the next cycle. When and if the GOP regains the majority, I can’t wait to hear their furious denunciation of the filibuster they abused to such devastating effect when they were the minority.

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  1. I hope that people are smart enough to realize that fact but I am truly astonished sometimes at what people believe, mostly views from Fox. Most Women that I know want Sarah Palin for President in 2012 “Because she understands women!”, which is a really stupid reason to elect someone President, in my opinion. The clear stupidity of the American public sometimes scares me. I can only hope that the actually Intelligent people will Flood into their election booths this November because I am Truly worried what will happen if the Party Of NO gets back in power.

  2. I am astonished at the Total Lack Of Respect ,opponents to the current regime, have for the Highest Authority in the Country : THE PRESIDENT OF THE USA.

    Freedom of Speech, does NOT imply abuse amd ridiculing of the Governing Authority!!

    This is abuse of a privelege, and needs to be curbed!!

    I do hope that thisGovenment frames rules to put an immediate stop to such abose of ‘FREE SPEECH”!!

  3. I am a goog and horrified that people do not trust the current President and Congress to continue to spend our childrens money and thier childrens money on programs that are yet untested and not yet even in place. We must put our faith in the President plans for the years to come in his vision of the future collective. NO ONE should be allowed to speak out against any of his wise programs or views as this amounts to Treason.

    1. Wow – Jerry, I think I am in agreement with you. It also appears that spell-check needs to be incorporated somehow into the comments section.

      1. I agree – it’s strange, though, because I’m not used to seeing the Foos not checking his stuff, especially with such few words (for him)….

        Hey Ed, we need spell check ;-) or maybe, we should write our comments in MS Word first….

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