Once again, I’m perplexed by the inability of the Senate to do what has always been routine–extend unemployment benefits during a recession. I’m equally perplexed by the silence from the White House on the issue–Obama should be out there every day demanding that the benefits be extended, and chiding Republicans and recalcitrant Democrats for their inaction, which compounds the cruelty of this deep economic hole we’re in. Americans should be outraged that our politics have become so dysfunctional that the people who’ve lost their jobs are held hostage to satisfy the electoral aspirations of a few.

5 thoughts on “Containment”

  1. Hi Ed!
    How true it is. I am a Obama supporter, will vote for him again, but I have serious reservations why he is holding back on the unemployment benefits issue. He needs to quickly regain the support of those who elected him.

    1. I am a little surprised as well. However, when he has not been public on issues or in handling crises, in the past, it has not meant that he was inactive. Only that he was working lower-profile.

      I’m curious as to what is going on; is he working more directly with the senate? Is he dealing more aggressively with another crisis – like BP, including the recent ruckus over sending the terrorist back to Libya in exchange for the Libyan oil leases for BP?

      I still can’t believe that an airplane fell out of the sky because of terrorist acts, over the UK, and that they would cave in and send this guy home instead of having him die in prison.
      Or it could be there are new developments that are not yet public in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

      In any event, no news is not the same as no activity.

      I’m also guessing that the Republicans who are sitting on these benefits being extended are being given enough rope to hang themselves this November. If people are suffering while that kind of politics is being played, shame on both sides.

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