Science to the Rescue

It’s becoming increasingly clear that global warming is real, and that human activity does have a profound effect on the global environment. Remember the recent dustup over the veracity of climate change experts, in which emails seemed to show that some scientists were doctoring the results? Two independent analyses have absolved them completely, and confirmed that the scientific findings of accelerated global warming are indeed accurate. The only people left who still believe that climate change is a hoax are those who don’t want to pay the price of cleaning up their businesses and their political allies (and the gullible citizens they continue to manipulate). Yet we dither, as the damage mounts, and reaches a point at which it is irreversible. We continue to believe that new technologies will somehow bail us out at the eleventh hour. ¬†We also believed that the space shuttle wouldn’t fail. And that our understanding of the economy, aided by number-cruching super computers, had become so sophisticated that the markets were immune to risk. And we believed that oil drilling was safe, that the technology was so advanced that something like the disaster unfolding in the Gulf of Mexico was highly improbable, if not impossible.

9 thoughts on “Science to the Rescue”

  1. Yeah, all that oil, yeah…….that must be good to prevent sunburn. Us, the fish, the birds.

    Because OIL couldn’t be bad. Ever. Or any oil products. People couldn’t be bad for the environment either, because God gave us dominion over it to exploit exclusively to our benefit, without regard to any other life on the planet (if it was inconvenient).

    Yeah, THAT couldn’t be bad for anything, could it?

    The latest breaking news is that Libya appears to have gotten back the Lockerbie bomb planner, in exchange for BP – who else – getting oil leases which will make an estimated $20 billion profit.

    The Lockerbie bombing incident killed Americans along with citizens of other countries.

    Their deaths and these new oil leases will just nicely pay off that escrow account for gulf oil damages.

    Government wouldn’t ignore important science for MONEY, would they? Government wouldn’t trade blood money for oil would they?

    Nah. As Voltaire had his character Candide say over, and over, “this is the best of all possible worlds”.

    No need to worry about global warming.

  2. Ed, I have a friend who once likened our so-called discourse on environmental damage to a Dr. Seuss book. It seems so uncontroversial to so many of us that our behavior seems to demand a 4-year-old dialog:

    But they kept building factories. Building and building.

    And they kept burning fuel. Burning and burning.

    And they kept getting hotter. Hotter and hotter.

  3. Those “analyses” were hardly independent. One panel member was a faculty member at East Anglia for years. The panel was paid for by East Anglia. Penn State exonerated its own. Maybe they were worried about their federal global warming research funds.

    I am not disputing an existence of global warming, but do call into question the motives of some of its backers. There is much to be gained in the way of money and power with the research and implementation of green alternatives. Not unlike parties who vehemently deny global warming existence and happen to have ties to the coal industry, big oil, etc.

  4. Hi Ed. As usual, wonderful stuff. If I’m not mistaken, aren’t those two people on the beach Dick Cheney and Laura Bush? Oh, that’s right, while Laura was playing the role as the perfect First Lady, she had absolutely no idea what her conniving deadbeat husband was doing. You sleep with the devil and never hear a sound?

    1. The only ones that draw rebukes are those who disagree. And that is just fine, it’s Ed’s site. It’s a lot of fun to observe, though.

    2. Hey Don Johnson, may I point out that Lynne (should have added the extra e) Cheney is blond, of a possibly similar age to the figure in the cartoon, and wears her hair about the same length as the cartoon lady does? There is something vaguely similar about her posture and the cartoon woman’s posture as well.

      I don’t see as much similarity between Darth Cheney and the cartoon man. But it was fun to look. I suppose it is far more likely these are generic tourists. Hopefully just the idea of his fans seeing more specific caricatures amuses Ed.

      But then, I think the old boomer cartoon character Deputy Dawg looks – and sounds a bit – like Rep Barton from Texas, and his side-kick Ty Coon has a certain resemblance to BP CEO Hayworth. I actually think it is hilarious to envision some of our more annoying political figures as recognizable – not just generic – cartoons when politics become tense, or tedious —- so what?

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