5 thoughts on “Early Withdrawal”

  1. Now it is really this presidents problem. From now on His name is on every move good or bad. Interesting times ahead.

  2. We have a Community Orginizer who has never worn as much as a Boy Scout uniform, firing an Army General and dictating how to run a war. May God help us!!

  3. The most important point missed is the law of the land, the Constitution. The president is the Commander in Chief. There is a hierarchy. General Douglas MacArthur blew it by going out of line and was fired and rightly so by President Harry Truman. McChrystal ditto. Do you think ol’ Stanley expects his troops to toe his line? Damned straight. And so must he to his boss, the President. Never mind your political opinions and editorial comments, this is simple and straight forward. ol’ Stanley strayed way over the line last year in London and just recently here. The military has a code and demands the straight and narrow. Buh-Bye Stanley and do not let the down whack your hind quarters on the way out of your bunk quarters. Now let us hope General Betrayus realizes there is no semblance between Uraq & Afghanistan. Good luck.

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