Do the Democrats actually stand for anything? Republicans seem to have no problem sticking to their guns on core issues (as deranged as some of them may be). The latest absurdity for the party in power is the new campaign finance reform bill, which, in order to gain the votes of conservative Democrats in the Senate, carves out an exemption for the NRA. The core of the bill is a demand for transparency; it requires that political candidates and and groups reveal their donors–except for one glaring exception–the National Rifle Association. Apparently, some pro-gun Democrats demanded and got that exemption before they’d vote for the bill, and the leadership of the party is so desperate for a victory they went along. I’m starting to think the Tea Party looks sane in comparison.

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  1. Maybe Democrats are better educated and get hung up on the various shades of gray in an issue. Maybe Republicans see everything as black and white, commie vs. American etc.

  2. I have to type this after biteing my lip almost off. The Democrats are the party of the people or the masses the uneducated follow the guy handing out the money people. Who do you think elected the one we have now. People that had never voted before and wanted that Oba ma money. That is what put him over the top. So do not bring up education on this. This is Politicans at their best. the good old boy, wink, wink that has been going on for over a hundred years now. The biggest problem is that some of those elected seem to have been there that long and think they own the country. I do not care which party they are with two terms is long enough, That gives them enough time to steal all they need.

    1. BT,

      Is it possible for you to respond to any cartoon from Ed without you bring up the election of Obama? It’s really getting old. Anyway, my opinion is that Curt was being flippant and didn’t really mean “better educated”.

      I do agree with the latter part of your note and I think that was Ed’s point. Actually, it’s been going on here for over 230 years. We really do get the government we vote for and as you have made it so clear, the voters are stupid but that’s how it works in a representative democracy.

    2. And the Republicans don’t give out taxpayer money? (to the rich) Huh. I’m confused. Don’t All politicians give money (contracts, grants, etc…) to those that help get them elected? I thought that our current form of government was a big money tree to All politicians of any party. Don’t just blame one party that you are obviously against.

  3. The problem is that to many people think like you FoosMaster. The problem IS our current form of government that you discribe. How about making a better America without buying votes. Even if you are just elected for one term instead of a life time. I am just a dreamer but the current system will bring down our system in the not to distance future. But maybe we do not have to worry about it anyway 2012 , Dec. 22 it is supposed to end and begin all over again.

    1. I like the idea of NO Political Parties, let everyone run on their own individual merits! Also, NO corporate finance funds for Any politician, limit the amount that can be spent on campaigns and Completely do away with Lobbyists.
      Do you have any objections to That?

      1. You guys are pipe dreaming. There will never be a day without political parties. Birds of a feather like to flock together. However, theree may come a day, where the two parties no longer control things as they splinter into a 1/2 dozen or smaller parties. It won’t really matter, though, because it is impossible to do away with lobbyists. – freedom of speech, don’t ya know. Politicians can always be tempted, if not for campaign donations, then for the cushy job after their political career is completed. There will always be some that are good, some that are bad and some that are really bad.

        The one thing that could help with all these one-off deals is getting rid of the requirement to have 60 votes to do anything in the Senate. Make them go back to doing the Jimmy Stewart thing and actually talk for as long as they can. At least that will eventually end where today they can “filabuster” till the cows come home.

        1. I know it is just a dream, but it is a Great dream like dreaming of winning the lottery. I just wanted to express my views of what I feel would be a Much better system of government that would be Far more responsive to the views of the average citizen instead of the Big Money lobbyists.

          Like the people that think that the public should overthrow our current government by force because they don’t like the way things are going, I think that convincing the current government (through the power of the vote without threats of violence) to reform campaign finance laws and enact Major lobby reform is the way to go. I know, both are darn near impossible, but I like to dream of a better life.

          As far as Lobbyists are concerned, with the SCOTUS decision, yes it is currently Impossible to do away with them because now companies have the same rights as citizens. But if that decision was to be overturned in the future, then a new law to eliminate corporate paid lobbyists I think would be possible, just not likely.

          If you don’t dream of a better life, then you will never have that life. All great things were once someone’s great dreams.

  4. I think this is disgusting, too. But the reason right-wing Democrats have so much power is because the Republican Party won’t go along with ANYTHING. If you have to pass every single bill without bipartisan support, the fringe of your own party can easily hold them hostage.

    In a rational bipartisan system, Democrats would get together with moderate Republicans to design a bill they could all live with. Some Democrats – and most Republicans – could then oppose the bill, but it would still pass. (As a compromise, the bill wouldn’t be perfect, but it would be better than nothing.) When you take the Republicans out of that equation entirely, things get very difficult. That’s when you get things like the “Cornhusker Kickback” (during the health care reform battle), bribing Sen. Ben Nelson so that he’ll do the right thing. There’s no other choice, if you want to pass a bill at all.

    That said, the NRA has a ridiculous amount of power. I just don’t get it. But EVERYONE is scared of getting on their bad side. It’s like they were using bullets instead of money.

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