What’s coming increasingly clear as the Gulf of Mexico turns black, is that the Bush administration’s coziness with the oil industry was worse than incompetent–it was criminal. The Minerals Management Service, already notorious for being in bed  (literally, in some cases) with the industries it supposedly regulates, handed out drilling permits and environmental waivers like candy, in violation of its own rules and environmental law, often against the advice of its own geologists and biologists. Interior Secretary Salazar supposedly drained that swamp, but it turns out that the Obama administration either underestimated or ignored the degree of corruption, and many of their worst practices have continued. The inevitable result of all this hanky-panky is the worst oil spill and quite possibly the worst man-made environmental disaster in history. Funny, I don’t hear anybody chanting “Drill baby drill” anymore.

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  1. This tragedy was preventable. The negligence, omissions, corruption, etc. should be at the heart of all investigations. Human error is to blame, not the act of offshore drilling in and of itself. Anyone who espouses a righteous, moral opposition to oil production should be doing all in their power to cut themselves off from the resource. Otherwise they have the black stuff on their hands as much as anyone else. Try leading by example.

    1. Huh!! “Human error is to blame, not the act of offshore drilling in and of itself.”

      Is that like:

      “Human error is to blame, not the act of shooting in and of itself.”
      “Human error is to blame, not the act of driving in and of itself.”
      “Human error is to blame, not the act of flying in and of itself.”
      “Human error is to blame, not the act of generating nuclear power in and of itself.”


      P.S. I don’t know of anyone who has a ” righteous, moral opposition to oil production” – maybe war or abortion.

      1. Yes, Jerry – I think you are starting to get it! The distinction between the act and the agent is an important one. Keep it up.

        1. Got it!

          “Human error is to blame, not the act of jumping off the Empre Sate Building in and of itself.”
          “Human error is to blame, not the act of swimming in a river full of piranha in and of itself.”

          I guess that makes everyhing either human error or act of God or some would say everything is an act of God…..

          1. You are getting closer. Human error, wrong-doing, poor judgment, etc. would be the cause of the act of jumping, swimming, etc. The effect, as in your examples, would likely be death. So what is primary in those cases, and therefore to blame, is the agent, or the person.

            How the few random cases you gave lead to a universal conclusion that everything is human error or an act of God escapes me.

          2. Then I’ve missed the point totally. I guess need a couple of random example of some things that aren’t human error or an act of God. What is an act, in and of itself, that is to blame?

  2. Regardless of what mechanical or personal action actually caused the failure of equipment that led to the disaster in the gulf, the changing of safety procedures over the last decade by political entities influenced by Big Money lobby representatives for the Oil companies is the Root Cause of this disaster. So, to keep this from happening again we need to address the problems with the influence of Big Money Lobbyists on political entities and politicians.

    But in the mean time the EPA and any other agency that is involved with rules and regulations for ALL environmentally sensitive sites needs to get Tough on companies that continually try to get around the rules that protect the public and the environment for the sake of profits and to much more strictly enforce the rules that are currently in place.

    We need to let the politicians know that we will no longer tolerate the current influences of Big Business on our politicians, but I really don’t have much faith in most of the politicians actually caring about what the people think beyond what they need to say, (Truth or Lie), to get elected. I think that Writing and E-mailing the representatives does help but most of the current politicians just don’t seem to put enough weight on what their constituents say and they put too much weight on the opinions and suggestions of their biggest Money contributors. Any suggestions on how to better influence the politicians to listen to the suggestions and opinions of their constituents Over their biggest Money contributors should be considered. We need new ideas people because the old ones don’t seem to be working.

  3. Ed and Jerry,

    This has nothing to do with the oil spill, but I am curious as to your take on our President not visiting the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and seemingly ignoring Memorial Day. To the best of my recollection, he is the only President in recent history that did not pay tribute to our war dead.

    I know that you will spin it into a positive, but as a veteran, I am disappointed and disgusted and I am wondering if all veterans feel the same way. We will soon know.

    However, I must say that Vice President Biden did a great job and made a wonderful speach. Probably much better than our President would have done.

    1. I want to apologize and retract my above comments – I just saw on Fox News that President Obama attempted to lay a wreath and honor our war dead at a national cemetary in Chicago and the event was cancelled due to a storm. I was wrong to criticise, please accept my apology.

      1. Don, You certainly don’t owe me an apology but maybe one to the President. As I am also a veteran, I, too would be very disappointed if the President didn’t participate in a Memorial Day tributre. More than that I would be totally shocked. It would be almost like not going to your inauguration ceremony (actually worse). So, if I had somehow got the impression that any President hadn’t done that, I would be checking around to find out the story. I actually think it was a good idea to go somehere else and let Bided to the Tomb of the Unknowns I think the President should go to a differnt cemetary evey year they are in office.

    2. Also:

      President George Bush, a decorated Navy pilot in World War II, never was at Arlington on Memorial Day, though his son President George W. Bush attended most — but not all — of the ceremonies there. President Richard M. Nixon at least twice issued Memorial Day messages when he was at his retreat in Key Biscayne, Fla., though his successor, Gerald R. Ford, went to Arlington both years that he was president.


  4. The lie that Obama is the first president never to lay a wreath at Arlington on Memorial Day was disseminated by Michael Savage, the right-wing blow-hard and serial liar. As usual, this stuff gets picked up by the echo chamber and circulated on the internet. The intent, of course, is to add to the conservative suspicions about Obama’s patriotism and origin–that he’s not a REAL American. Always, ALWAYS check these things out on Snopes.com or Factcheck.org before believing them.

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