5 thoughts on “Oily Bird”

  1. very right on, and I might add a name for this bird, dickie cha-ching cheney. his so-called energy policy was outrageously and illegally secret behind locked doors without record or review by anyone other than the darth hisself. Halliburton has since moved to Dubai and avoids taxes. dickie hisself should be banished and exiled as well to Dubai. any further work done in or for this country should face substantial taxes to more than make up for their war profiteering at the expense of the American people and homeland.
    Here again we would have to be deaf dumb and blind the pinball wizard not to recognize self regulation again has failed again. Call me a socialist, but if and when and until they can monitor themselves in a reasonable manner and as a responsible integral part of this society, then governmental regulation is a necessity. I would prefer a conservative fiscal responsibility and free market reforms, but we are far from that, and we did have that, just 30-40 years ago. It has been taken from us, and I want my country back, beginning with Reagan de-regulation and dumping of decades of precedence for the greedy short term buck. The Robber Barons are alive and well, mostly in the gop, stealing from the people for their own gain. Investment monies, deposits, retails, lack of service and warranties etc etc etc. They are destroying the planet at an exponential rate. They are the Neros of our time humming a tune to themselves while the rest of us suffer watching Rome burn. Out sourcing may be the greatest theft they perpetuate. Hold the fist high. Revolution. Power to the people. We the people of the Constitution. As I said, I want my country back and my Constitution. We the people. That is a key beginning.
    Furthermore, since oil companies are consistent in not being able to monitor what they do and are not prepared for various consequences, they should not be in business period. Actually, they can monitor; they either ignore it, or are stupid, or do not care.

  2. Thanks Ed. Now we need to clean ourselves of the sludge to refind our collective self to fly again someday. Beautiful work.

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