Opening Day

Many years ago I read a hilarious Russell Baker column (at least, I’m pretty sure it was Russell Baker) in which he promised not to trash Richard Nixon for one single day. By the end of the column, however, he was unable to restrain himself and let loose a barrage of invective. I made a promise to myself to lay off criticizing the Party of No for its blind hyperpartisanship for a week or so, but like Mr. Baker a few decades ago, I couldn’t help myself. Even when Obama does something the GOP agrees with, its members join ranks against him. The party of “Drill, baby, drill!” now takes exception to Obama’s joining the chorus. So, I couldn’t help wondering what the reaction would be to Obama doing something completely innocuous like throwing out the first pitch of the baseball season. In my fantasy, something like this.

14 thoughts on “Opening Day”

  1. While watching President Obama throw out the first pitch, I must admit I didn’t see a bunch of projectiles being hurled at the President from all directions with GOP written on them. And the pitching mound didn’t explode either. To his credit, the President didn’t bounce the ball up to home plate like so many presidents before him, and he also didn’t drop the ball. However, being a true noncommital politician, it was easy to notice Obama was wearing a Nationals jacket and a White Sox cap. I guess the event was sort of like the Pro Bowl of Presidential Pitchers.

  2. Great cartoon and message, Ed. But pitcher-in-chief is a southpaw. You know, leftist. OK, maybe your editor copied it backwards.

    1. Oh, really, OldBT. How many times do I have to remind readers that insult is not argument? Make a point. Even better, make a point about the actual message of the cartoon. What a concept!

      1. Yo Ed!

        The text you chose to accompany this cartoon, fails in one part of the argument. The Republican’ts are not being the party of no, they are being the party of that’s not really what we were talking about. In all honesty, unless you accept the world as seen by Obama and his merry men, you would look at the issues and soon discover, that Obama takes on the title of a proposal and then bends, folds, clips and mangles it to attempt to fool the great unthought into believe he is reaching across the idea in the spirit of bipartisanship. Of course it is only another slight-of-hand for his far left ideas, wrapped in sheep’s clothing.

        1. This gibberish may make sense in the abstract but I’m having difficulty with what it means in the real world. How about a few examples of these “far left ideas”. It may turn out that you are so far right that the center just seems far left. Either that or like the those tea party folks on Social Security and Medicare screaming about how we are headed toward Socialism, it’s just matter of being clueless.

    1. No, it’s that you DIDN’T strike a nerve. Why you think calling someone a lefty is somehow a brilliant political observation and critique is beyond me. You guys to the right of sanity seem to think that just pointing out the obvious is a big hoot, but it says nothing other than that you have nothing else to say. Whoa! Stop the presses! Obama is a liberal, and Democrat to boot! How dare he! As for the drawing, yes, I blew it. I actually drew him left-handed on tracing paper and accidentally flopped the drawing when I transferred it.

  3. Being left handed, I feel like I need to respond. What, exactly, what is wrong with being a lefty?

    P.S. If you honestly believe that all the balls being thrown at the President are in his head, then I think you need to get your eyes and ears checked.

  4. short and quick lesson on biology, physiology, psychology, politics: handedness has nothing to do with political persuasion. similarly, while republican is considered ‘righty’ or on the right while democratic is considered ‘lefty’ or on the left, and fascists are considered to be on the right while communists are considered to be on the left, it has nothing to do with being right vs being wrong. your opinions are neither right nor wrong, although they may be on the right or on the left. your opinions are not facts; rather they are your interpretations of your perceptions of the facts. we all see the same things differently based on a complex and long historical and possibly cultural (depending upon what you consider to be ‘cultural’) record of exposure and education.
    Yes, the president is left handed, and that means … nothing, other than he is left handed.
    Now, leave your feelings in the bathroom and look and see and listen and hear what is happening. Are you aware, or do you simply fall in line with whatever is your party-line? Do they think for you and give you your opinions when they want them?
    If you remain unaware, or ignorant, or stupid of what has been transpiring, then you have a serious problem with unmyelinated non-synaptic neurons floating in your brains. Those are the choices, just not knowing or caring, ie. ignorant, or stupid and vacuous in serious need of learning.
    This cartoon is yet another winner.
    White Sox hat and Nationals jacket? is that an issue? The president is from Chicago and is a Sox fan, not Cubs, first pitching for the DC home team. Bounce the ball? The president is a man who continues to maintain his mind and body throughout his life and loves basketball, and what does that mean? Nothing other than he prefers basketball, and nothing else. G’day people.

  5. The first thing I noticed about Obama throwing out the ball on this cartoon is that you have him as being right handed, he is not. Next, several outlets have made fun of the way Obama throws the ball, like a girl. You would think one of his aides would have told him last year. It is obvious that he has never played a game of catch with a baseball (no father). I suggest anyone interested check out the videos on Youtube with George W. throwing correctly, and Obama throwing like a girl. LEARN TO THROW OBAMA! You’re embarrassing yourself.

    1. Yes, I accidentally drew him right handed. I actually drew it correctly, then flopped the image when I traced my sketch. My bad. As for throwing like a girl, this matters because–? Let me think–he throws like a girl so health care reform is a bad idea? No? Wait, I’ve got it! He throws like a girl so trying to reign in nuclear proliferation is hopeless? He throws like a girl so climate change isn’t real? The election is half a year away and it’s already silly season.

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