Nothing like a disaster on the scale of what happened in Haiti to wake us up to reality. For all the shouting, all the anger and political recriminations, for all the overheated tea party rhetoric and the leftist hand-wringing, this country still functions pretty well. Haiti, on the other hand, is such a dysfunctional state, it is always one event away from a human disaster. That event was the massive earthquake that has killed as many as 50,000 people, and left three million in imminent danger of starvation and disease. The survivors have no ready access to food or water, no way to deal with huge numbers of decaying bodies, no medical services, no functional government able to help its people. As bad as the quake was, far worse may be coming. As depressing as what we are enduring here may be, let us be thankful for what we have.

8 thoughts on “Lucky”

  1. I think the same text could be applied to Katrina and New Orleans, which still flounders many years after the event.

    As a former Peace Corps Volunteer in Colombia and USAID consultant in Bolivia, I am well aware how much Americans have to be grateful for … Most of all the luck of the draw … being born in the US. But with all our good fortune and presumably advanced government, people and animals drowned, bodies rotted in the streets. and many went without shelter, water or food for days after Katrina. Given Haiti’s status as the poorest nation in our hemisphere and it’s long history of corrupt and inept and inadequately financed government, I am saddened but not surprised at the chaos of the first days after the earthquake. But the complete breakdown of emergency preparation and response immediately following Katrina was unexpected and still unforgiveable.

  2. Last Sunday morning I was taking a shower, thinking about the temperature being 7 degrees below zero and it made me think how spoiled we are and how fortunate we are to live in this great country. Americans who are on the lower end of the wage scale and who consider themselves poor, live in luxury compared to the standard of living in many countries, Haiti for example. We are so blessed to be Americans.

  3. As one of many disillusioned progressives, I am almost to the point of not supporting the president I worked so hard to elect. The changes that were implied and those that have actually happened have almost broken my heart. I trace the beginning of end for the president from his complete abandonment of the only real health care reform bill that would have revolutionized health care and its delivery tn the U.S., HR 676 Medicare For All. While many politicians have declared that HR 676 is dead and buried, The mess they will finally call Health Care Reform can only lead to its rebirth.

    The Movement Conservatives and their TeaBag/9/12 comrades have been playing 3 Card Monty with the weak-kneed, sans backbone Democratic majority since they came into office and the Democrats lack of courage and clarity after years of abuse and neglect have left the legacy of FDR in shambles, being ground into the dust under the weight of bought and paid for politics.

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