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I join the growing chorus of critics who don’t believe that Obama has focused enough on job creation. In fact, I’m more than a little disappointed in the tepid performance by Democrats in general. They won the election by large margins, yet they seem afraid to lead. The Republicans have been successful at all kinds of stalling tactics on judicial nominees (remember the outraged demand by Republicans for an up and down vote for Bush’s nominees?), many other appointments, climate change legislation, and the despicable tactics being employed against health care reform. Yet Democrats don’t seem to have the stomach for a real fight.

It will take political courage to spend the money needed for more stimulus aimed at job creation in the face of rising deficits, yet that’s exactly what most economists think we need. I also seem to remember the mantra that deficits don’t matter, when Bush was racking them up; evidently they only matter when Democrats control the White House. Yet the Dems apparently are afraid of the consequences if they actually get out in front of controversial legislation. As a good friend of mine, a recently-elected Colorado legislator, reminded me the other day, people don’t vote to re-elect legislators who do nothing, and they especially don’t re-elect cowards.

Let’s have some backbone, people. Do something.

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  1. Returning manufacturing to America rather than appeasing China would be a novel approach……. I personally don’t recall borrowing one red cent from “red” China. Evidently Mr. Bill’s plan to replace manufacturing jobs lost to China thru NAFTA (my map has China no where near North America) with “service” industries didn’t quite pan out.

  2. We reduced all the emissions of posion gas from industry, we got ride of the industries, sent them over seas, we went high tech, we do not build anything , somehow we just spend and foul the air. We have dumbed down our children they do not know history, math, science, and we are now priceing the average people out of a college education. The fact is it was not an education anyway. We have become the fools prime for the third world or the police and prison guards of the world thats all we have left. I think it might be to late. We had a good ride now we and our children will be ridden. This is what happens to a country when people do not vote, and do not pay attention to the big picture. When a society becomes so blind bad things happen. History repeats itself in one way or another. When the leaders of the country save the banks (owned by overseas interests) first and then sit on thier hands , Take over several large corporations then sit on thier hands and do nothing to help create one job , it shows they do not know how and just did what they did for thier buddies, ie look at the parties thrown after the bailouts ,but still the tight credi markets.

  3. Do something? Wow, this year we will go from Bush’s average $500 billion/year deficits to nearly a $2 trillion deficit. I say by most measures, that is something. During 2009-2012, we are preojected to increase the national debt by over $5.5 trillion. That is the entire total amount of the debt in 2000. It weill be over $16 trillion in 2012. There is no shortage of politicians willing to spend money. Now there is a shortage of those willing to raise taxes.

    I’m afraid that manufacturing jobs are gone for good. We decided we wanted clean air and water and a living wage for workers, China (and others) don’t really worry about any of those things. They had to shut down manufacturing during the Olympics just so we could barely see anything.

    I did read that Golman Sachs has set aside $500 million to help small businesses with creating jobs. I think I saw that was about 3% of the 2009 bonus pool for employees. Some people are doing just fine. Now what are they going to spend all that money on? There should be some jobs there somewhere, because I doubt they are going to McDonalds and Walmart.

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