The Real Story


The balloon boy story had it all: a strong human interest story, a mystery, great video, and a touch of voyeurism.  It lacked only two important elements. It wasn’t true, and it wasn’t really about anything important in the broader scheme of things. In other words, it was exactly the kind of story television news loves. The story that’s hardly being covered at all is the tragedy that’s befalling millions of kids as the economy continues to struggle and millions fall into poverty and despair.

3 thoughts on “The Real Story”

  1. That’s because it is not profitable. It’s about the Money!
    The balloon story captured people’s attention which is good for viewership numbers. But even if a Real story about the plight of the poor caught people’s attention it would be against the interests of the big businesses that pay for the commercials because it would cause people to question the policies of those businesses thus it would not be aired. It’s about the Money!

  2. In 1964 LBJ said in 10 years and 30 billion there will be no more poverty in America. So much for the great society. How much more proof do you need that Democrats and wimpy Republicans do not serve the will of the people with there big government agenda.
    As far as the balloon boy go’es, they made fools out of you media jackass’es. I like that!!

  3. Well, the Lay Off train just rolled through our office and I find myself looking at a bleak landscape job wise. I do have a severance that will last throught the year, but the industry I work in is not in any way recovering.

    It could be a long winter.

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