Just How Crazy We Really Are

The Census Bureau has just released a study that shows that you are more likely not to have health insurance if you live in a state that generally votes Republican. These states (Texas is the worst, surprise, surprise) send people to Congress who oppose health care reform, and their legislatures are stingier in providing child health coverage and Medicaid. None of this should come as a surprise, given the overheated rhetoric we’ve been treated to recently. Still, I’ve often wondered why we Americans are so easily persuaded to vote against our own best interests. How is it that we continue to elect people who make policies that harm us? We put people in power whose true constituency is not the voters in their districts, but the lobbyists for big business and Wall Street. If the Roberts Court, as seems inevitable, grants corporations even more rights, this trend will only worsen.

In an unrelated matter, the head of the California Supreme Court recently noted that his state’s government is totally dysfunction, not because of the partisan divide, but because the referendum process has gotten so out of hand that the state’s constitution is now a mass of impossibly conflicting mandates. Colorado is not far behind, and supporters of our horribly destructive TABOR  amendment, which has done such a good job of crippling our budget, continue to push it elsewhere as a model for tax reform. I suppose the citizens of most nations think their countries are nuts, but I’m beginning to think that we’re the craziest of all.

One thought on “Just How Crazy We Really Are”

  1. It’s about money! Big money can afford the commercials that deceive people about what the provisions they support will actually do. Like I have said many times, big business uses to an extreme the old psychological truth that “If you tell a lie often enough people will begin to believe it”. Many people believe what they hear constantly in commercials that are paid for by big money interests because they hear it so much. Republicans may be more in support of Big Money interests than the Democrats in general but too many Democrats also accept their money and do their bidding.
    I can see only three ways to get the Big Money out of politics, but if you think people are screaming about healthcare costs, wait till you hear this.
    1) Lobby organizations should be outlawed, period!!!
    2) I think that ALL political campaigns should be paid for with tax dollars and that ALL politicians should be restricted to the same amount of money that they can spend. Politicians should Not be able to receive private money for their campaigns! I also believe that there should be a law restricting private organizations from paying for political commercials, only the politicians can have political commercials that are paid for with their tax paid campaign funds. If one politician is allowed to appear on a TV or Radio program for free then that station should be required to give ALL the politicians in that race the same amount of time in the same time slot.
    3) Private organizations should not be allowed to advertise for or against a political issue. That information should be restricted to informational advertisements produced only by the government to inform the public of the Actual bills that are being debated or being voted on.

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