Government-run Health Care

For those of you who oppose the public plan on the grounds that it smacks of socialism, or for the philosophic reason that government shouldn’t compete in the marketplace, I suggest you read this article about how the insurance exchanges being promoted as part of health care reform actually performed in the states they were tried.

Without giving away too much of the punch line, it turns out that any way you do it, government intervention is an unavoidable ingredient. Private for-profit insurance companies will never create the level playing field required for universal health care without being forced to by law–in other words, by the government.

2 thoughts on “Government-run Health Care”

  1. A government run public option does NOT equal a takeover of healthcare by the government. Here are just two examples of government competition in the private sector:
    1) USPS is a government run service that gives an option to the public other than UPS, FEDEX, and many other services in the private sector who are doing OK even with government competition.
    2) Public Schools give ALL a chance to get education because not all people can afford to go to private schools but private schools do still exist and are doing quite well.

    The Republicans call the public option “SOCIALIST” and they try to equate it to “COMMUNISM” but Social policies do NOT equal Communism. Many “Free” democratic countries around the world have many Social programs that help the people of their countries including government Healthcare but we do not call those countries “COMMUNIST”! I would like the Republicans to explain to me how and why would the USA become a “Communist” nation if we enact a government “Social” policy to help the needy to get basic Healthcare.
    Examples of Social policies are ‘Social’ Security – Medicare – Medicaid – Police – Fire – Emergency Medical Services – Public Schools, etc…
    If they are so against Anything “Social” in nature then lets ask them if they would be willing to eliminate Every government ‘Social’ program. The sad truth is that I actually believe that many of the ones with the most influence would be willing to eliminate most of the programs because they can afford their own private services, they just don’t care about anyone else.

  2. What I don’t understand is where the insurance companies got the inalienable right to the health care insurance business. Check that. It really is the health insurance business for those who are under 65 or poor. I’m only guessing but I’d bet that the insurance companies didn’t fight losing those groups too hard for a reason. But they are fighting now and hard. I accidently came accross one of their websites:

    I think those of use who are for a public option should take a few moments and read this stuff. Some of it is truly amazing. Makes “Harry and Louise” seem like pikers. The art of “spin” has really been honed to a fine science these days. I especially like the part about “Let’s build on healthcare that is already working…until it works for everyone”!

    Hey, this is the country where the pharmaceuticals spend billions advertising directly to the public, telling them to go to their doctor and prescribe a particular drug.

    As Yakov would say “What a Country!”.

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