Edward M. Kennedy


Ted Kennedy, the third longest-serving senator in history, left behind an unmatched legislative legacy. He helped craft some of the most important bills of the last half century, and his influence changed this country for the better. Medicare, voting rights, family leave, civil rights, immigration reform, greater access for the disabled, all bear his mark. He particularly embraced the cause of the little guy, the under-represented, the disabled, the poor, the elderly. Despite being the favorite liberal whipping boy of the far right, he was adept at reaching across the aisle to achieve a bipartisan consensus on many of his landmark achievements. Yes, his personal life was often grist for the tabloids. He was hardly a model citizen for much of his career. Still, it is proper to recognize his great success as a senator, and to celebrate the ways in which he made this country a better place for so many of its citizens.

4 thoughts on “Edward M. Kennedy”

  1. Clearly I am a conservative, but the loss of Ted Kennedy does sadden me.

    He was an American that was always doing what he thought best for the country; that I can respect even if I disagreed with him.

    I want to say that if Chappaquiddick has not happened, Ted Kennedy would have run for and been President in 1976 rather than Carter.

    Sadly, this brings us to the end of Camelot and the many tragedies that seemed to follow this family. The last sister will be but a footnote when she dies and with seemingly no air the empire so to speak, I think we are seeing the end of the Kennedy family when it comes to American politics.

    At one time I believed that JFK Jr would take the mantel and return the Kennedy name back to the White House. But it seems that history choose to not be kind to the Kennedy family.

    Rest in peace Ted, I know that you are with your bothers now and I hope that your remaining family members can find peace in your passing.

  2. Thanks Mr. Jackson, it gave me great comfort to read one conservative’s heartfelt response to the loss of a great man. I am a die hard libral and proud of it but at the end of the day any life lost is a sad event.

    To disagree with someone is normal and healthy however I have read too many other conservatives blatantly write they are happy he is gone.

    I know, I know, it happens on both sides, but that doesn’t make it any less dehumanizing and pathetic, however, it gives me hope there are more conservatives out there like you who do have a heart.

    RIP Edward Kennedy. Your fight will be carried on.

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