Cartooning a World of Violence

What a weird day. A deranged shooter in Alabama, another at a school in Germany, following a new explosion of IRA violence in Northern Ireland. I’m trying to write a cartoon about it. These are probably the most difficult ones to draw, because there’s not really a whole lot to say in the moment. We can get to underlying issues like the pros and cons of gun control, whether the eroding world economy has pushed people over the brink, etc., but the first days after horrific events like these are reserved for what we in the business call “reaction cartoons.” Some of the best cartoons and some of the worst are done in situations like these. Bill Mauldin’s famous Lincoln Memorial cartoon after the Kennedy assassination and Dana Summers’ drawing of the space shuttle releasing doves after the Challenger disaster come to mind. I was proud of my cartoons the day after Columbine and 9/11. We also see way too many of the American eagle or the Statue of Liberty or t(pick the symbol) with the tear in its eye. I may or may not get around to this issue today. I’m kind of busy with some other things. One of the benefits of no longer having a daily deadline is that I can miss a day without feeling guilty. Okay, maybe  a little guilty, but I’ll get over it.

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